Lady Gaga’s Judas and the Hell’s Angels

Lady Gaga Judas

Lady Gaga has launched the music video for her track, “Judas”, set in a motorcycle gang with the names of Jesus and his twelve disciples. The patch on the gang’s vests are a skull and bones much like the Hell’s Angels death’s head. Gaga is decked out as a 1960’s LSD flower child complete with hippie glasses.

The Hells Angels are nothing more than an extension of George H. Bush’s CIA/Skull n’ Bones narcotics-smuggling cartel. The Hells Angels were originally formed by former WWII/Korean War and Vietnam War vets ( a high % CIA AIr America pilots/paratroopers/international drug and weapons smugglers).

They named themselves Hells Angels because it is a term that reaches all the way back to elite WWI mercenary paratroopers, the ‘for hire’ covert operations assassins and terrorists known as Hells Angels who carried out illegal civilian kidnappings, interrogations, tortures, assassinations, and numerous terrorist atrocities on behalf of the U.S. government. Howard Hughes made the film Hells Angels about WWI-era fighter squadrons and named it after them. The Hells Angels have always been a conduit for the street drugs that the Skull n’ Bones/CIA international narcotics trafficking network fly or ship into the United States and Canada.

In the 60’s Orange Sunshine LSD was manufactured and distributed exclusively by a group known as “The Brotherhood of Eternal Love” who operated out of a beach resort near Los Angeles. The Brotherhood had among it’s drug manufacturers and dealers, one Ronald Stark, who is believed to have manufactured 50 million doses of LSD, and had known connections to the CIA.

It was this very same batch of acid that was available in abundance four months later during the fateful free concert held at Altamont Speedway. Four people died at that concert, one of them after being brutally stabbed to death by a group of Hell’s Angels who had been given access to multiple tabs of Orange Sunshine. Many people who attended that concert noted that the LSD seemed to be “contaminated” and that the general vibe one got from using it was that of extreme negativity, violence, and death. Additionally, Orange Sunshine was in use among American ground forces during the Vietnam war, having been smuggled into that country from the California coast.

It has been more than four decades since the battle at Khe Sanh, Vietnam; more than four decades since Mick Jagger sang “Sympathy for the Devil” at Altamont Speedway, the last great concert of the 1960s; more than four decades since Students for a Democratic Society and Young Americans for Freedom clashed over the meaning of patriotism, since LSD, free love and the pill transformed a generation.

Mick Jagger thought he was Lucifer at this concert. Jagger is a man of “wealth and taste”. His song was a ritual to bring about Crowley’s aeon of Horus. When the Hell’s Angels found out they were part of this Satanic ritual and sacrifice of a black man to start Charles Manson’s apocalyptic race war they put a hit out on Jagger. They failed to kill Mick Jagger because he is protected by British Intelligence SIS/MI6. The Rolling Stones usually get the purest drugs from their SIS connections and they’ve never suffered an overdose. Keith Richards is often called the walking dead but since his heroin is pure he seems to be living a full and long life.

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9 thoughts on “Lady Gaga’s Judas and the Hell’s Angels

  1. Well your whole history is off so maybe before you spout off incorrect knowledge you should try some fact finding. For one this judas patch looks more like Marlon Brandos 13 Rebels patch not the deathhead. Two I don’t know where you got this info about the hells angels linked with the CIA or the origin of the name hells angels. Obviously your not too hip on WWII history! Hells Angels MC was started by WWII vets fresh out of the war who bought left over military Harley Davidson from the war. In search to have the brotherhood they had in the military the decided to start a club which name was from the bomber squadron they were apart of called the hells angels (public record google it). As far as the hells angels being created by vietnam vets, absolutely false the club was established long before the vietnam war (also public record). Now you saying the club was an extension of the CIA drug smuggling ring that a little out there buddy. So next time check the facts because when people accidentally come across your BLOG you look like an idiot!

  2. Crips would eat those punkass “angels” for breakfast nigga. Tell them to ride their bikes through the hood if they are so tough.

  3. Elite WWI paratroopers? Where did you copy and paste this from? WWI had no paratroops you SCHMUCK! oy vey! Airborn warfare didn’t start till WWII.

  4. frack you Fishman. I copied this from a forum. Most of it is true. The CIA does funnel drugs through the Hell’s Angels. Skull & Bones is the premiere drug cartel in the world.

  5. Fishman, wake the frack up. Airborne warfare didn’t start until WW2?
    You are fracking retarded. The Howard Hughes film Hells Angels was made BEFORE
    World War 2 you fracking idiot, and it was based on the WW1 fighter squadrons and paratroopers. Get your head out of your fracking ass.

  6. Other than being a complete and total fabrication, the article wasn’t bad. No paratroopers in WW1 since there were no aircraft to transport them. Fighter planes were either one or two man crews (mostly one) and rarely did they wear parachutes which were considered to be “cowardly” in those days.

    The Hells Angels were started in 1948 mainly by WW2 veterans in San Bernardino, CA. As far as the CIA and Skull & Bones drug connection, that smacks of the ramblings of a paranoid and delusional mind. Perhaps you could pick the forums that you use for reference a bit more carefully in the future. Constructive criticism meant to be helpful to you.


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