Juri Lina: Under the Sign of the Scorpion

Juri Lina: Under the Sign of the Scorpion

Under the Sign of the Scorpion: This tremendously important book, self-published in the English language in Sweden by the courageous author, Jüri Lina, has been banned through out the U.S.A. and Canada. Publishers and bookstores alike are so frightened by the subject matter they shrink away and hide. But now, braving government disapproval and persecution by groups that do not want the documented information in Under the Sign of the Scorpion to see the light of day.

Stunning information about the secret role of the Freemasons in international politics, about the bloody upheavals in France in 1789 and in Russia in 1917.

You can borrow my PDF copy here.

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2 thoughts on “Juri Lina: Under the Sign of the Scorpion

  1. Thumbs up conspirazzi …………great woprk..i really liked the book././especially all about soviet union and scorpio thing……thanks a lot thanks a lo….u guys r doing a prefectly great job….
    May God help u in ur purose of enlightning the world about conspiracies..!!!!!!!!!!Amen//

  2. I agree , it is great of you to make this book available to interested readers. As you know this book is intoxicating, never have I encountered what appears to be truth, after truth after truth, and simple declarative sentences, about what the hell is going on. and gone on; it blows away all the “corrupt historians” that have taught us nothing but the rough outlines og, for instance, the Russian Revolution (I say, “for instance’ because Mr. Lina goes so deep and broad in his marshaling of all important FACTS. Thanks.. It is amply referenced, (remember many of these facts only began to come to light with the opening of Soviet Archives from 1991 onward). This book is so packed w/new info it is a trip. It will take me some time read it all, and probably many years to digest. Many thanks again for posting. At some point I will acquire a hard copy, I am sure.


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