John Connor the Apocalyptic Messiah

Terminator 1 John Connor

Here is John Connor from the original Terminator. He leads the resistance against the machines. John is an Apocalyptic Messiah. Worth downloading.

John Connor Judgement Day

Here is John Connor from Terminator 2 Judgement Day. The actor who played John succumbed to heroin. The Machines won. Good movie. Worth downloading.

John Connor Terminator 3

Here is John Connor from Terminator 3. He had a wife and a good job. This actor also got addicted to heroin. You can find him on skid row. His wife divorced him. The machines won again. Not worth downloading

John Connor Chronicles

John Connor on TV had a robot girlfriend. That feel when no GF doesn’t apply to JC. On the tv show he runs around from school to school getting shot at by Terminators. It’s worth downloading.

Christian Bale John Connor

This is Christian Bale. He played JC in Terminator 4. Surely he can stop Judgement Day? This Terminator sucked. Not worth downloading.

John Connor Genisys

This is John Connor from Terminator Genisys. Genisys sucked the big one. Not worth downloading.

Mark Dice

This is Mark Dice, AKA John Connor. He runs a doomsday cult called “The Resistance”. It is a Christian group. JC is their Christ. Mark has paranoid delusions of a grandiose nature. He believes a group called the Illuminati is destroying everything that was good and pure in America. Don’t let the Illuminati take mom’s apple pie John. John and his mother Sarah destroyed a computer lab in 1997. If John stays true to his mission the machines will be stopped and Judgement Day averted.

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4 thoughts on “John Connor the Apocalyptic Messiah

  1. “When I say ‘Jesus,’ I’m not talking about some blond-haired, blue-eyed, pale-skinned-relative-complexioned cracker Christ.

    “I’m talking about the Jesus of the Bible, with hair like lamb’s wool. I’m talking about that… good hair. I’m talking about that… nappy hair.

    “Jesus, the black revolutionary Messiah, was taken up on a hill, up on a mountain by Satan, by the devil, and the devil was talking about a new world order.

    “He was talking about givin’ Jesus all this world, if Jesus would seek alliance with him ….”

  2. This is the only blog raunchy enough to give Megan Fox hope against the jewformers of hollywood. What if i got into acting Megan Fox? And played the character “the badger” in my comic book? friend of the teenage mutant ninja turtles. u have to put me in alpha trance if brian is kyle reese my father from the future. get me out of this omega worthless trance my real mother has me in.

    Hope & Faith (TV Series)
    Sydney Shanowski


    This post about Brian Austin Green’s tv series turned her on so much she had another child. Tom Cruise carries the Megatron gun in Valkyrie. The one we stole from London Drugs in 1985 when we climbed the monorail tracks.


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