Tombraider: The Last Revelation

Posted By: ironwolf
Date: Sunday, 25-Feb-2007 20:18:11

Only in America.

Our favorite Illuminati Mind Controlled Slave Angelia Jolie has joined the Illuminati division called “Council on Foreign Relations”

She makes Lara Croft movies where her father was a “member of the Illuminati”.

She allows her masters to tattoo a reptilian on her body.

She is a member of the U.N.

She drinks blood.

She uses magik to charm Brad Pitt. (Bat powder??)

She is bi-sexual.

Her perversions with Billy Bob are legendary

She could easily be elected to the senate

“On Friday night, the council’s membership accepted Jolie’s nomination – meaning she will soon be rubbing elbows with other club members such as Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice, Henry Kissinger, Colin Powell and Alan Greenspan”

Looks like they are going to have a dinner party.

And she is the main meal.


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  1. I thought so. It is a travesty to think it. When is the public going to stop the denial? I heard there were “good guys” at the top that are trying to change things. Sad, but probably most of hollywood is involved. Does illuminati groom these gorgeous actresses from childhood, and are all of them victims of MPD (from being raped, sodomised, and tortured as children)?

  2. Its funny you say that. I’ve been doing an actors circle on my wall. Finding out how far the majority of major actors goes. Its funny because take the guy who plays earls brother on my name is earl. Turns out he was a bully in Boy Meets world. Whats funny about that, is the bullies in Boy meets world, are also in a few shows that came out in the 90s

  3. This is creepy in so many ways. It seems as if the Hollywood crowd are the ones who control such a large part of the population now. People idolize these actors/actresses who give away their souls for the common “good”. I have noticed that so many of these people do whatever it takes just to get a role. And the roles are usually sexual,but these women don’t care anymore. If you are a young actress, you can bet that you will be used,and used till they throw you away-getting another new, young actress to fill your place in a second. This is so sad,and such a waste of human soul. We need to pray for these women, and men-pray that God saves them,and that they come to Jesus,and their souls are saved. Pray that these actors/actresses start seeing the Truth,and save others from their path, and stand up for the Truth. God help us all,and God help Angelina from the Illuminati-as she is being used. I feel sorry for her,and pray that she gets help,and that someone in her path saves her from these evil people. God can save, even when it seems hopeless.

  4. Simple. Always b by ur Syd. Wen ma tot is needed . u will know more wen we are to together. I promise . just give mi a try. Plzz


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