I Was A Sex Slave For The CIA!

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Not your mother’s Satanic conspiracies
by Robert Sterling Published November 22, 1999 in Whoa!

As the late, great, closeted pothead Carl Sagan once said, “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.” Few would disagree that claiming the CIA is involved in Satanic pedophilia qualifies.

Extraordinary indeed, but evidence does exist. Conspiracy investigators (most notably superstar writer Alex Constantine) have presented strong evidence of CIA-DOD links to various nefarious activities, ranging from a pedophilia scandal at the Presidio to a cover-up in Franklin, Nebraska (which also involved high-ranking GOP operatives and a crooked savings and loan). Dead bodies litter the trail, possibly including those of actor River Phoenix and JonBenet Ramsey. But while bizarre claims against government agents shouldn’t be dismissed out of hand, we would be well-advised not to go to the other extreme and accept every tale of torment as gospel truth.

One of the most spectacular tales of CIA nastiness comes from Brice Taylor, self-proclaimed CIA mind-control victim. What Taylor lacks in proof, she makes up for in sensationalism. According to Taylor, she was a victim of Project Monarch (allegedly part of MK-ULTRA, a notorious CIA mind control program) from early childhood, and was used as a CIA love-tool by the likes of Henry Kissinger. One of her greatest tormentors was none other than Bob Hope, which explains the title of her autobiography, Thanks for the Memories. All of this is (of course) part of a Satanic-Illuminati-NWO plot to control the planet.

Incredibly, while all this abuse was occurring, Taylor was completely unaware of it on a conscious level. It was only in 1985 that she started “remembering,” when a car accident caused a serious head trauma and supposedly helped her recover these lost memories. According to Taylor, “It allowed me to access both sides of my brain for the first time in my life, and I began having memories — very frequent memories — of all sorts of abuse.”

Ms. Taylor is not alone in writing these sorts of elaborate tales. The most famous (or infamous) CIA sex slave is Cathy O’Brien. In her self-published Trance Formation Of America, she claimed she’d been a CIA “presidential model,” raped by commanders in chief from Gerald Ford to Bill Clinton — proving Satanic perversion is a bipartisan affair. Her juiciest story is of getting banged by George Bush while he was strung out on heroin; later, he turned into a lizard alien before her eyes. This is actually more plausible than her claim that Ronald Reagan described to her in detail the CIA-Contra-cocaine connection, a feat way beyond The Gipper’s intellectual capacity.

For those keeping score, O’Brien has no Jimmy Carter gossip, who apparently was out of the Satanic sex loop.

Luckily, the opportunity to screw O’Brien wasn’t left to presidents: Dick Cheney, William Bennett and Robert Byrd all got a crack at her snatch. So did Hillary Rodham, in a muff-munching lesbo tryst. Some entertainers even got to frack her silly, most notably Boxcar Willie and Tommy Lasorda.

If all these unsubstantiated accusations had no basis in reality, they would remain curious sideshows in the conspiracy field, little more than stroke-worthy Penthouse letters with a parapolitical twist. However, as Constantine and others have exposed, there is a hidden reality here. Furthermore, sexual blackmail is as old as Samson and Delilah: It is even possible some of the names these women list are involved in diabolical sex shenanigans.

Brice Taylor, for one, appears to be honest. After meeting her last month, this writer has little doubt she isn’t lying. Whether she’s telling the truth is another issue altogether. By her own admission, she is a victim of mind manipulation (and she did take a bump on the head). The question remains who manipulated her and why. At the time of her “memory recovery,” she was influenced by Christian Fundamentalists, who attempted to convince her that her previous life was sinful. A cynic could suggest they fed her bizarre stories that, in her incapacitated and vulnerable state, she accepted as reality.

Perhaps there is a deeper conspiracy involved here, an attempt to discredit legitimate research into CIA dirty deeds. The most effective form of disinformation is that which blurs the truth with fiction so effectively that they become impossible to differentiate. At the time Cathy O’Brien hit the lecture circuit, some powerful research was starting to circulate in alternative circles involving Satanic pedophilia operations. The end result of O’Brien and Taylor’s public ravings has been to trivialize this research by association. The CIA itself could be behind the plot: Both Cathy and Brice had the “help” of self-described “renegade CIA operatives” in the recovery of their memories. It’s quite possible those operatives weren’t renegades. Their help might have involved implanting bogus tales.

Such a plot is straight out of Machiavelli. Whether the CIA is behind it or not, their mind-control fraternity is the major beneficiary of these lurid tales, and no doubt their members (including the closeted alien reptile George Bush) are chuckling over them right now.

Robert Sterling is the editor of The Konformist (www.konformist.com), the Internet magazine dedicated to rebellion, konspiracy, & subversion. He is easily bribed.

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2 thoughts on “I Was A Sex Slave For The CIA!

  1. The words that are used in this article is disgusting and disturbing, if you dont believe what these girls are saying thats one thing but to talk like a fracking perv is disgusting and degrading to ALL women… Reading this DISTURBED me greatly and you only add to the equation of HATE AND EVIL, you disgusting PERVERT

  2. Right I do believe she’s an mk ultra slave, but I don’t think she’s a survivor, I think a disinformation agent is still pulling her strings, feeding her lies to tell americans to bring fear in their hearts. Its unfortunate but it happens a lot when mk slaves get memories of past tramas as soon as they want to expose it a disinformer acts as a friend to help them but will steal them money and control them by hand signals to tell lies. Cathy o brian is another slave that is being used by her partner Mark. If you want to read from a real ex mk slave who is a real survivor google kathleen Sullivan. Also like to add that reptilians and aliens do not exsist its another false agenda that the illuminati is pushing.


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