Hackers – 1995

Hackers Pyramid

This movie starred a teenage Angelina Jolie. At the very end, just before the ending credits, the two hackers are looking at 3 buildings, that say crash and burn. On their computer screen there is the great seal of the Illuminati.

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3 thoughts on “Hackers – 1995

  1. What IF they, them, they were trying to WARN us? Over and over again year after year movie after movie message after message that of course we are too blind too see too deaf to hear too dumb and numb to pay attention? What if they wee warnings telling us what was going to happen and save our miserable existence? Is it so unconceivable that they, them, are not the bad guys? What IF..?

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  3. What if they were actually all Satanic/Luciferian rituals in order for it to take place, these things take energy after giving.


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