Chertoff compares 9/11 Truth to Holocaust Denial

Saturday, Sept 19th, 2009

Homeland Security Secretary and dual citizen of US and Israel MIchael Chertoff is confronted with call after call about 9/11 being an inside job. Chertoff’s contempt for America is apparent on his face and his desperate attempt to compare 9/11 truth to “holocaust denial” in order to discredit people is very telling.

Michael Chertoff is the Secretary of Homeland Security. His name in Russian means of the devil or ‘son of the devil’. Chert = Devil / off or ov in Russian = son of .

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3 thoughts on “Chertoff compares 9/11 Truth to Holocaust Denial

  1. How Ironic this guy would say something like that, when he’s direct lineage and current participant in the New World Order of the 21st century! LOL What an evil crackpot! The truth is on to him, and the laws of nature and karma will give him his just due if the people don’t figure it out first!

  2. just look at the way he is almost laughing at the viewers,he knows the secrets and that is why he’s smiling……..the new enemy he is talking about is all ready in power…..the people just don’t know it any more…………+ i’m sure 911 deniers will be put in the hat with holocaust deniers just to shut them up………only jews stand up for the terriorist argument..

  3. The holocaust and 9/11 are quite comparable. They’re both built on lies that have been kept from the public and the truth about both these events would cripple any support for Israel.


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