Charice’s Pyramid Scheme

Charice Pyramid

I saw Charice perform “Pyramid” on the Oprah Winfrey show and I’m convinced this younger generation is not hopeless after all. Youngsters these days are always on the internet where free movies like Loose Change or Zeitgeist are the most viewed. I’ve seen her doing the Illuminati sign with one eye like the dollar bill. Maybe there is hope for the Justin Bieber generation after all.

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10 thoughts on “Charice’s Pyramid Scheme

  1. I just read a post from regarding Lady Gaga being an “Illuminati Puppet”, and it showed that Lady Gaga was doing the “okay” sign, which was one of the representations or some kind from Illuminati.

    In one TV concert by Charice, I also saw her doing the same hand gestures several times during the show… Then I remembered my sister telling me about the Illuminati stuff and all. It makes sense, after all.

  2. @the poster of this article:

    im confused with the word “hope” that you’re using. Are you in favor of Illuminati?

  3. pyramid with rays and eye is one of the Illuminati sign,i think charice joins the group of singers who are members of illuminati just to gain popularity

  4. besides all her songs, She released the single, “Pyramid”,
    which featured rapper, Iyaz. It became
    her most successful single to-date .That.’something really fishy…


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