Brad Renfro’s Hot Dose

Nobody's Hero Renfro Furtado

In 2008 Brad Renfro died of a heroin overdose. He was 25 years old. He was not included in the annual Academy Awards tribute to Hollywood figures who died in the past year.

In his 2002 movie Deuces Wild Brad played a gang member who’s brother died from a “hot dose“, an intentional overdose of uncut heroin mixed with cocaine and sometimes battery acid. Who is the world’s biggest heroin dealer? The CIA, Skull & Bones and the Bush family. Which country is the biggest heroin producer? Afghanistan.

Brad was supposed to star in the independent Iraq war film Nobody’s Hero opposite Nelly Furtado in 2006. Renfro was arrested for heroin possession and the movie production was delayed until Renfro’s death in 2008. Not much of a headline for Renfro but there was a headline for Nelly Furtado dying her hair blonde.

Contrary to popular belief a heroin addict can live a long and full life as long as he has his drug. It’s being at the mercy of the drug dealers that usually kills the user. If a user was allowed to grow his own opium poppies or his own coca leaves I doubt he or she would die holding up a liquor store. It’s not the drug that is evil it is the lack of drugs.

Who gave Brad Renfro his “hot dose“? I think the answer to that question is the same answer to the question who is the world’s biggest drug dealer? Who invaded Afghanistan and secured the poppy fields for a bumper harvest?

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5 thoughts on “Brad Renfro’s Hot Dose

  1. She looked too much like the iconic Afghan girl with light eyes from National Geographic. Bush had to have the movie stopped.

  2. Wonder if Amy Winehouse might have been given ‘hot dose’ to displace news coverage of alleged Freemason behind Norway attacks.

  3. At the time I remember commenting to my husband that it was strange there was no mention made of Renfro, but couldn’t seem to place my finger on why this might be. Your speculation here is probably right-on and I really enojyed the way you presented it. Thanks!


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