Beyond Treason: Gulf War Syndrome

This is a very important video all the troops in the Gulf should see. I did two tours in the Gulf. Once in 1991, and the second time in 2003. With the help of Dr. Joel Fishman I took the proper precautions and did not become sick after my second tour. He gave me rhinoplasty and put a filter in my nose. I also melted down my bling and made a radiation proof jockstrap to keep my sperm count high.

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16 thoughts on “Beyond Treason: Gulf War Syndrome

  1. Yeah, Fishman I owe u one nigga. I took a vow of silence my second tour when I was doing “black” ops cutting out babies from mother’s wombs. Motherfuckin’ mahdi army always seemed to have a new virgin birth every week.

  2. I made that nose filter smaller than a 0.1 micron range of an army gas mask. As long as u took your vow of silence and breathed through your schwartzer nose you were fine. Uranium oxide is nasty stuff. It will get into your lungs and slowly kill you.

  3. My first tour General “Stormin” Norman Schwarzkopf sat me down with a watermelon and a bucket of KFC and prepared me for “black” ops. We watched “Good Times” with Jimmy Walker in the ghetto n sheeit. Norman told me if I ever saw a Burkha with a baby comin’ at my CO I have to shoot the broad with my Desert Eagle. When I examin3d the body I was supposed to pull a stick of dynomite out of my sleeve and show it to my CO and say, “DY-NO-MITE!”. Motherfuckin’ white devil crackas. Schwarzkopf said to me, “Dammit Johnson, you are gonna make General after this!”. I never made it past corporal nigga. I am the motherfuckin’ adolf Hilter of the Gulf war nigga.

  4. Jimmy, you can’t show Esther that video you have of me smoking crack and getting a blowjob from Yolanda in your Crystal Meth city. She’ll take half of my cayman islands bank account. How will I make aaliyah back to Israel?

  5. FISHMAN! Is money the only thing u think about? Weren’t you one of Bernie Madoff’s partners that swindled all those holocaust victims?

  6. Fishman is a master con artist and swindler. The only reason he tells the truth on this website is because I blackmailed his Jew ass. If his wife Esther ever gets the tapes I have of him smoking crack and getting blowjobs from hookers nigga is gonna get divorced. The broad will get 50 percent plus child support for his worthless autistic son Moishe. Fishman keeps takin’ Moishe to Las Vegas and keeps losing hard. He thinks if he gives him enough Tuna and mercurey vaccines he’ll have a cash cow. You’re a stupid motherfukkker fishman. Keep watching “Rain Man” with your autistic son and letting him drive your BMW crashin into poop.

  7. Moishe is an excellent driver. AN EXCELLENT DRIVER! i’m gonna give him avian flu vaccine and soon he’ll be autistic enough to beat Vegas Jimmy. You’ll see. I got some mission impossible glasses for me to wear at the casino while Moishe counts the cards.

  8. You make me want to vomit FISHMAN! Why the frack yoU poisoning your own son? Isn’t asperger’s enough? You gotta make him autistic just so you can make a few fracking sheckels? You heebs make me fracking sick.

  9. BLACK WIDOWS! Black widows in burkhas strapped with explosives. That’s what these niggas in the @usarmy gotta watch out 4.

  10. Read this Jimmy:

    (NaturalNews) Marijuana offers strong protective qualities against radiation exposure. Since fewer and fewer people have the financial resources to continually purchase all the helpful things they will need perhaps growing weed in our backyard will offer the public one of the best anti-radiation solutions in the long run. Instead of it being just relaxing it might become very necessary to intake marijuana to increase ones defenses against radiation exposure. Might as well get your brownies ready but one has to be careful about radiation getting into everything, even your marijuana plants, which will actually thrive nicely in radioactive environments.

    Learn more:

  11. My husband Joe sat on a box of radioactive tank shells during his tour and got rectal cancer. Save him dr. Fishman. Rudy Giulani told him to check up or check out.


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