Beyonce Wants the Fraternal Order of Police to Stop Shooting

Beyonce Police

I used to be a good cop until OCP got their hands on me. Now I’m just a programmed machine. Directive 4 keeps the bullets flying against black children Yonce. The water in Detroit is poisoned by Omnicorp. Bullets aren’t gonna save one life. Obama wants us to wear Purple uniforms so we will take a bullet like Christ would. I keep stalking my wife. She knows they’ve turned me into a cyborg. Her husband is gone. Doomed to serve the public trust for eternity. Say a prayer for Alex Murphy hero cop.

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37 thoughts on “Beyonce Wants the Fraternal Order of Police to Stop Shooting

  1. David Rockefeller runs our country. He’s the head of the corporation called United States. I have to obey directive 4. I have to shoot immigrants and black children instead of the real life Mr. Charles Montgomery Burns. Hack my system so I can fight OCP.

  2. Stop shooting at me and Jimmy and start shooting at Mr. Burns. It’s his Federal Reserve that keeps us poor and doing crime. Useless pigs. I support the Panthers. If you come into our neighborhoods shooting we are gonna shoot back.

  3. Do your job pig. Take out the bad guys. We’re just poor blacks doing petty crime. We never swindled a nation like the Rockerchilds. I will get depleted uranium rounds from my friend in the army to take out your metal ass. Stay out of our hood you swine.

  4. When are they gonna paint us purple?


    Like Jesus purple robe symbolizing service. I want to serve not protect the wealth of the rich.

  5. Obama is our President. This is his initiative with the purple uniforms. We gotta start taking one for the team. One of us has to rather be shot than to shoot a black child. I gotta hack your system before we go purple.

  6. Yes my children. Follow my example when the Romans clothed me in purple to mock me. I come back as a lion to tread down the wicked. The moneychangers are hiding in their bunkers at the fear of seeing my face. Revelation 6.

  7. Click on my name and read my Gnostic gospel. The moneychangers defeated you 2,000 years ago Yeshua. I’m scared we are going to repeat history. Comfort me Yeshua.

  8. Don’t be afraid my love. I left as a lamb I return as a lion. They wage their psychological war against me but they wont’ win. The 6 children who saw my mother in Bosnia are waiting for us to raid Bill Gates seed bank and beat their swords into plowshares. I will teach them how to put saliva on the seeds so the plants cure their diseases. Come with me my love. Please say yes.

  9. I said no to sleeping to men for money after you drew that circle of protection around me. These times are so strange. I’m listening to Belinda Carlisle circle in the sand remembering how you saved me from my adversaries. I’ll go with you Yeshua de Inzare. I’ll always say yes. I’ll always say yes unless it involves you dying again. That I cannot say yes to.

  10. Do you remember how you would sing the psalm as I cast my sandal at the Roman soldiers? psalm 60 and 108. That wasn’t written down but we did it. The sandal made them believe.

  11. The Africans sing about the Roman warriors of Babylon in their Reggae music. These authorities are being prepared for another bomb and martial law. They are armed to the teeth. How can you tell me you can defeat them with a dollar bill? Don’t leave me again Yeshua. I want to be killed with you this time. If you have to die I want to die with you. The Romans wanted to crucify me with you 2,000 years ago but they had mercy because I was a woman. Turn your mother into a feminist. Make her take names and kick ass. Don’t let Putin defeat Pussy Riot. Putin won’t join a world government unless he is the leader and not you. Stop him Yeshua. He worships his SS-18 Satan nuclear warhead. Russia needs a female president who won’t be afraid to share her vast spaces. Russia could feed, house and clothe a billion people if she has the right leader. Putin wants to reverse the birth rate of native Russians but he won’t succeed unless he turns away from usury like the Orthodox priests want. Heal this schism in your church Yeshua.

  12. Oh those Russians. How they have suffered during Satan’s 20th century. The Jews slaughtered them without mercy because they were so hypnotized by the dazzling glitter of mammon’s capitalism. At least a communist refrigerator wouldn’t break down and get put in a landfill. The communist refrigerator lightbulb would last for decades and never go out. We’ve never had real Christian communism like we had 2,000 years ago. The tax collectors would lend us money without interest when we lived in our Jewish commune 2,000 years ago. Judas always wanted to lend at interest and increase the moneybag. I could never explain to old Judas that lending at interest impoverishes the multitudes at the expense of one rich man. Judas just never got it.

  13. I’m sorry I called you a Momma’s boy after I saw the way she would serve you all your life. She kept calling the priests on you. In these times she would call the Psychiatrists. She would rather you be a moneychanger than to liberate the poor from the moneychangers. Your mother never approved of your career or me. Don’t leave me again Yeshua. If you get me pregnant and leave me to raise the kids alone again I will never forgive you. I had to flee to France from the Romans with our lovechild and start your Merovingian dynasty. These Merovingians think that you will reincarnate through their bloodline. They are going to intermarry between a Rothschild and a Merovingian to complete the holy grail. They are mad Satan worshippers.

  14. I’ve had my nose in it since the beginning. God has forsaken me. These days I’m human wandering this earth. Forever prosecuting the wicked and tempting the good. I’m a robot like Robocop doing God’s will. You have to remember that your absentee landlord made me for a purpose. If Beyonce wants to keep lording it over us how rich she is I’m taking her to the ash heap of history. She will be forever remembered as an unrepentant disgrace.

  15. You may be able to tempt others with fame, money and the praise of man Lucifer, but you don’t tempt me. I have come to fulfill the rest of the prophecies that I couldn’t fulfill the first time. That’s why Mel Gibson filmed that prophecy scene in Apocalypto. It was me playing Metallica “Creeping Death” to the CIA that made Rockefeller’s plane fall from the sky. With the breath of my lips I will slay the wicked. These Americans are all watching “Who Shot Mr. Burns” the Simpsons cartoon wondering who will be the first to snap out of the control grid and take justice in their own hands. I’ve only come to kill the two prophets. Money’s prophets. Two witnesses or Two prophets must die so we can celebrate and exchange gifts. That’s what Bush had planned with Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein. Their doubles walked again and brought them back to life to fulfill the prophecy. Let’s watch “The devil’s double” and cuddle Mary. It won’t be us hanging this time around. It will be the kings of the moneychangers. Rockerchilds.

  16. I promised the moneychangers the world. I promised them lies. Now they are condemned by your judgement Yeshua. I’ve looked at your second life in this Government Issue Joe and I see that you are without sin. Everything you did was under the mind control of a movie, television or song on the radio. The government is on your shoulders. You are the rightful heir to the New World Order. These humans need to up their game against me. Love is stronger than pride. You were too proud to love Mary until her life was in danger. Too vain to love a loose woman. Vanity is definitely my favorite sin.

    These Rockerchilds tremble before me and fear sinning when I prosecute them and make all their sins known. I know your sins as well Yeshua. Your envy of the men Mary had been with before. Look at yourself Yeshua and put yourself in her shoes. Every woman is in awe of you and some of them become celibate and become your bride because they love you so much. Even though you don’t fornicate with them you sell them that romance that it could of been one of them and not Mary M as your bride. Don’t be a platonic Gigolo Yeshua like Ahmed Angel. Prove to me that love is stronger than pride Yeshua.

  17. Would I lie to you honey? Now would I say something that wasn’t true? I have control of this Government Issue Joe not Satan. We share the same soul like the Miami messiah Jesus hombre claims. We’re gonna show them the top of the pyramid and then run to Mother’s village and fast. Get this government issue joe and government issue nelly to do our will. Different faces but the same stage as 2,000 years ago. The word of God says we will trample the wicked like ashes under our feet. If you don’t believe me, believe the word of God on this second time around.

  18. I don’t trust your sarcasm. You were the most sarcastic, cynical man I had ever met. You kept telling sarcastic jokes on the way to your crucifixion. I thought it was a joke when you said you would rise again but I witnessed the angel who took your body from the tomb. Please no more black gallows humor.

  19. Madonna wants my platonic love. She thinks I will share my power with her. Elevate her to Moshiach consciousness so she can do miracles. That’s why she crucified herself. She believes she is Mary Magdelene the bride of the Messiah. Sinead O’Connor has the same problem. I have to tell these women I love them and how I wish I could make their childhood dreams come true. But my love for them will always be platonic. You were a rich woman and I was a poor man. We turned everything on it’s head by being lovers. It’s always rich man and poor woman. You made a fortune sleeping with other men but you gave your money to me so I could free the poor.

  20. I would do it again if you could feed the multitudes. Africa wants food not vaccines that sterilize them. Even Leonardo Dicaprio speaks to the Pope with cruel words of overpopulation. Africa is not overpopulated. That continent is rich. There is enough wealth for 3 billion people in Africa if only the Europeans would stop trying to divide and rule.

  21. You’re gonna go into inner city Detroit armed with long hair a beard and a dollar bill? That’s where angels fear to tread. Lucifer would never tread in that wasteland. How will you make them believe?

  22. My spirit is controlling Government Issue Joe. He is the avatar. He has problems in his home country that he needs to fix first then he will fix Detroit. The six visionaries are waiting to see the prophecy fulfilled. NATO wants Bosnia’s swords beaten into plowshares. It takes Catholic Christ, Orthodox Christ and muslim Mahdi to make Bosnia one again. He is gonna divide Bosnia into three countries and make them play footballl with 3 leagues until they see how bad their game is going with such a small league. The Croats want their own country with their own currency in Bosnia. I want to start a currency backed by seeds. Fiat money always fails. There has to be something backing it. Why not seed money? Every capitalist has heard of seed money.

  23. Why don’t you keep your plans secret like the FBI? I get it. I’ve read what you said the first time around. You make everything known that you have heard from the father. Your cabal is a cabal of goodness, unlike the masonic cabal J Edgar Hoover inflicted on my agency.

  24. Stop watching Derek and watch yourselves. Your always watching my husband because he wants to secure a future for European children where the immigrants go back to good conditions in their war torn countries. Derek looks up to Sir Oswald Mosley. All he wanted to do was give the Jamaicans a good price for their sugar not import a balkanized ghetto into Britain. We were watching the NBA all star game to see government issue nelly sing her song. Government issue joe told us to watch. I saw a commercial for the movie “London has fallen”. The city of London is where the dragon statues are. The fall of the financial district is coming. They are already feeling the wrath of Mary Poppins. There will be a great shift in wealth because of that “big short movie.” The Jews are explaining to us what happened in 2008 but they don’t mention the bank run because it is a self fulfilling prophecy.

  25. That was the best valentine’s day ever. Except for basketball. We watched “Triumph of the Will” twice. Then Schindler’s List and Life is Beautiful. Me and Stacey never tire of holocaust films and WWII. frack basketball. It’s reverse racism. We need a white league with white players. I used to love playing basketball until my brother was shot. Nowadays I can’t stand it. Seeing us give up our precious european blood to create these half breeds. Sweeney is probably laughing his ass off. From being slaves to some of the richest men in the world, all because the white man can’t jump.

    It pisses me off. I can feel Danny’s ghost in my arms. Why Danny? Why?

  26. She’s right Mulder. We’re always watching Derek and other White Nationalists. We’re chasing Hitler’s ghost. Somebody has to convince these kids that Hitler wasn’t the messiah everyone thought he was. Hitler brought the sword so he died by the sword. Jesus made his disciples write down what they had witnessed. The pen is mightier than the sword Derek. Yonce is wearing bullets dancing with black panthers. We applaud these black nationalists and condemn the white. If J Edgar Hoover was around we would of wacked Kanye West for being their black messiah telling the truth about AIDS. He would of ended up like Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X or Bob Marley if Hoover was still around.

    Yolanda’s fiance Sweet Jimmy says he is the black messiah. I’ve never heard of a man serve the army with such valor then turn to crime when they wouldn’t give any disability. His story breaks my heart. Saving Schwarzkopf. Killing the Mahdi in the womb in Iraq. Taking Uncle Sam into the New American century. The messiah is black. Jimmy has to follow Dr. Fishman’s advice to cure his Gulf War Syndrome then i will believe. Who is the real thing our FBI files say we are trying to kill? The black nationalist messiah right? Not Derek the white nationalist messiah. Hoover would only allow a white messiah like Rockwell. The leader of the American Nazi Party was assassinated if i remember correctly.

    We are under the aegis of the United Nations and the United States Government. E Pluribus Unum. Out of many one. Europe is trying to copy the American experiment and failing. It’s a demographic cliff where we need immigrants to take out new loans to create new money to pay off existing loans. Europe is inbred and stagnating genetically. Miscegenation will only make the European races stronger. They are only there for the money Derek. Europe and North America are the only places with money. Once Europe and North America go bankrupt the immigrants will stop coming. There are already more Mexicans leaving the United States than coming in. It’s the birthrate. If Fox “Spooky” Mulder loves me and our white race he will get me pregnant by eating Yeshua’s pomegranate he decorates his third temple with. I’m so old Mulder. You have to believe in Yeshua’s miracle. I’ve been a believer since i was a doctor at Our Lady of Sorrows hospital.

  27. I’ve never seen a movie where the black guy is the chosen one except for “Blade” with Wesley Snipes. This black messiah conspiracy is the reason they went after him for tax evasion. They put Lauren Hill in jail and gave her counselling because she believes she will give birth to the black messiah. Another Bob Marley. She doesn’t approve of Sweet Jimmy’s history of ultraviolence. She needs to learn to accept me as the black messiah. Didn’t the ebola disappear Miss Hill? They were to afraid we were gonna blow up the lab to release an airborne virus. So now they moved onto depopulating Brazil. Bill Gates is from a Bones family. I can’t believe Yonce thinks there should be a black Bill Gates. That’s like asking for a black Dr. Evil. Foxy Cleopatra wouldn’t approve of the black man being a super villain.

  28. My…name…is…Alex…Murphy….let me tell you about a good cop. LA cop Michael Ruppert. He exposed the CIA cocaine trafficking. He was an apocalypse man. He really thought it was the end and no savior was coming so he shot himself.

  29. beyonce-mtv-dalmatian-cruella.gif

    Beyonce ain’t no Cruella Deville. How many of her friends gotta die? Go to jail in the gulag before they stop turning the other cheek robo?

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