Jonas Brothers and Aleister Crowley

Jonas Brothers Aleister Crowley

Here is Kevin Jonas wearing a T-shirt with Aleister Crowley the master occultist who said he has sacrificed 150 children in one year. Why is a supposed conservative Christian glorifying that man by wearing that kind of apparel? Second, why do some of the Jonas Brothers songs have lyrics that sound like, when you play them backwards, ”Our Sweet Forsaken Satan?’ Also, if you look closely at the Jonas Brothers logo it looks like the number 13.

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8 thoughts on “Jonas Brothers and Aleister Crowley

  1. I know this is a joke but since there are many numb nuts with strange ideas about Uncle Al may I point out here that his 150 sacrificed children comment was a masturbation joke.

  2. The above poster is correct. Also, “master occultist,” while correct, sounds very ominous. I’d like to point out that Crowley philosophy of Thelema is *not* Satanism. Further, occult means “hidden” and refers to the “hidden wisdom” of the universe. It implies that there is spiritual truth to be found through techniques such as meditation and that this truth can bring you closer to divinity. It’s only modern Christians who conflate this with being “Satanic.”

  3. He seems like such a nice boy. Some do it for the money, some for the power, and the easy prey do it for the fame and adulation(worship).

  4. @Sacha: Dude are you fracking retarded??? Have you ever read crowley’s crap? The mainac goes on god hating rampages for hours randomly in his little bible, and clearly adheres the the humanist (aka. god was a big old meany to kick the both of them out of eden and the tree fruit was their freedom… more flower crap) thinking which is pure satanism. And meditation??? You want to sit there for hours concentrating on a fracking apple or your stupid cock, be my guest, analyze and focus on things IN YOUR OWN DAMN DIMENSION and you might actually get something done, cause if you never read kaballah (which you shitbag satanists piss all over all the time and call yours, cause your dogs snuck an idle word in here and there, thereby getting stupid Isabella to kill all the jews) this is a world of effect, not cause, and everything you need to know is already in your seriously disassociated head. Read the bible for a change, and you may yet educate yourself, before youre stuck with a life of all the crap poor bastards on the lower worlds have to perform.

  5. @Sacha
    You have to be an idiot or a true satanist to say
    That crowley’s crap is only symbolism . Come on
    Open your eyes , if he wasn’t a satanist then why
    The baphomet and all this other satanic symbols
    And why all satanists worship his persona and his works.

  6. SACHA is ovbiously a dominated MASON. tring to confuse people who are looking answers.

  7. Actually Sacha and Lucid are correct. Your emphatic retorts are hilarious though.


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