Willow Smith: 21st Century Ho?

This article is Sweet Jimmy’s review of Willow Smith’s 21st Century Girl

Willow Smith Elephant

The video starts off wiff a elephant.

Now every nigga knows an elephant never forgets. This old African woman starts jibberin’ and jabberin’ lookin’ at all the junk in the trunk. There’s a guitar a necklace and other assorted junk the first world dumps in third world Africa. Then the old witch starts chantin’ ova dat poop and VOILA willow smiFF materializes!

Elephants have graveyards that they never forget and visit every year in mother Africa!

The Fresh Prince

The Fresh Prince!

Now Will Smith loves bricks. His daddy tore down a brick wall when he was a kid and made Will build a new one with the old bricks. What kind of Prince is the Fresh Prince?

Prince Hall

Prince Hall!

He is the Fresh Prince Hall Prince. Will always wondered why he never made it past Master Mason when Jesse Jackson and Reverend Al gave him a paddling. The devil had no use for Will Smith. Will won’t even cuss in his raps. The man will not take the Lord’s name in vain just like Usher. Will will never make it past the blue degrees unless he ho’s out his daughter or shares his wife with his “brothers” like OJ Simpson had to.

Willow Butterfly

Now Willow has a buttaFLY. It’s a monarch.

So is Willow Jay Z’s 21st century ho or is she taking us for a ride? Time will tell if she becomes another Rihanna. She may already be a rainbow girl or an Eastern Star. Eastern Star is very popular with blacks because Rosa Parks was a member. Missy Elliot and Lil’ Kim are supposed members of Eastern Star.

Willow Smith Illuminati

Willow Smith: The next Rihanna doing the one eyed monster. The next Rihanna?

Is WILLow really going to be a ho like Rihanna? Or is she just putting us on like she says in the video? Does she really set the boundaries or does her mother Jada?

Willow Smith Victory

Willow Smith saluting the Illuminati like Winston Churchill.

Contrary to what a typical white devil Wal Mart shopper thinks, this salute does not mean Victory or PEACE, it means 5. Roman numeral V. It stands for the Illuminati law of Fives. Everything is supposed to happen in 2’s and 3’s adding up to five. Five fingers and poop like that.

Willow Smith Guitar

So much wrong with this picture.

Now this picture is wrong in so many ways. It looks like a penis gushing out semen while Willow licks it up. frack! It’s just a kid. Motherfuckin’ Jay Z is a devil. I may be a pimp but I don’t pimp out mothafuckin’ kidz nigga.

Willow running with the wolves.

Now in the Protocols of Zion it says the Goyim are a herd of sheep and the Illuminati are a pack of wolves. Willow and her friends are too young to know all this Illuminati poop but they do. Willow was born 1 year before 9/11 and she was 3 years old when anti-Christ devil George Bush bombed Iraq into radioactive oblivion. Just like an episode of Scooby Doo he would of got away with it if it wasn’t for those pesky kids.

Willow Smith Secret

Willow Smith: Telling secrets to the youngsters.

The video ends with Willow Smith’s dream coming true and a beautiful city sprouts up in mother Africa. That’s a good dream every white cracker devil should have but they don’t. Cracker Skull & Bones devils like George Bush would rather infect us with AIDS and rape us for conflict minerals enslaving our children in gold & iridium mines like in the Congo.

Willow Smith: Monarch Butterfly

The next generation: Masters of mind control.

Willow tells the child the monarch secret (SEKRIT in ebonics) and she learns the basic programming of MK-Ultra monarch mind control. Paris Hilton whipped her hair! Why do you think she whipped it? There’s no place like home Paris. No place like home!

I’m out.


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23 thoughts on “Willow Smith: 21st Century Ho?

  1. Good post, Jimmy!

    But I feel a contradiction between your message and your presentation at the bottom where it says you’re still pimpin. Last time i checked, a pimp was a slave master. So is it just me or does that contradict your message? I hope you havent bought into the scam of tryin to get black men to idolize pimps while disrespecting their own women and therefore contributing to the breakdown of their own communities, as planned and strategized by a racist elite. Only love and respect can heal a community.

    I wish you all the best. I may well have made too much of it, but i had to check.

    Emine ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Fishman is right. You are a little latrino rodent. I can spell with the best of them Paco. I am flabbergasted by your temerity Francisco. Motherfuckin speedy gonzalez mousy mothafukkka! Andele andele ariba ariba ariba! Y don’t U go chase a bull MEXCREMENT ratboy? I’m tryin’ 2 make a point in edumacation nigga! on ze internetz ebonics has been a GREAT SUCCESS! especially in da world of twitta negro! where everyfing need 2 b shortened!

    SHORTENING poop is tantamount in the 21st century. Will Smith has an IQ of 150 or some poop nigga. He ain’t no house nigga. NIGGA my neck! ahhh…cops broke my motherfuckin’ neck! I could barely walk for a few summers but I sniped out a couple of the mothafukkka’s. Fucken PIG named RILEY! ttyl paco!

  3. @emine Jimmy gets upset when I call him the N word. It ok for him to call me a white cracker honkey devil but I can’t call him a cotton picking shiny happy person? He goes nuclear and says hey hey hey That’s uncalled for! He bullies me over the internet just cuz I’m one of his John’s. At least I’m not one of your crack fiends like Dr. Joel Fishman MD. You wanna talk slavery. Thats a slave.

  4. Jimmy, Yolanda beat me so viciously on Friday. I thought she was gonna cut off my shmeckel! Please Jimmy, don’t cut off my shmeckel. I’ll do anyFING?

  5. @emine my women aren’t slaves. They are volunteers in my army. The streets are the battlefield. If u don’t pimp U DON’t eat where i’m from. U think I can eat motherfukkkin’ free govmint cheese? i’m lactose intolerant nigga. WHo is gonna give a nigga like me a job? I got a broken neck. I got gulf war syndrome and I can barely walk. IF Fishman didn’t make me a nose filter last tour in the gulf I would already be in a body bag. THE mothafukkkin’ veterans affairs don’t give a poop about me. I only get 20 % disability even though I saved General Schwazkopf’s life twice first tour.

  6. I got your back Jimmy. Who is gonna give this nigga a job? The only thing the army taught him was to kill. I think it’s funny that the slave master Dr. Fishman is now the slave. He needs his crack. He needs his blowjob. Read the secret history of Jews and blacks.

    frack U FISHMAN pay me cash not personal check

  7. I get what you are saying about 10 year old willow smith and her father, and the evilness of this “muzac”spelled wrong on purpose, so called music that she is “singing”, but as a african american woman, you can cool it on the use of the word nig,okay, make your point, and shut up if you can’t type anything except that offensive word, thank you.

  8. He calls me a “casper the friendly ghost lookin’ honkey white devil cracker motherfracker” whenever i come to Oakland to pick up a whore. I’m sorry but sometimes I lose my temper and call him the N word. I apologize.

  9. Jimmy I told you not to speak on your second tour. ESPECIALLY when around bombed out tanks. The filter was only in your nose. If you breathed through your mouth the depleted uranium dust could make it through.

  10. I appreciate the humor, but justifying the use and abuse of others with how bad things are for you just doesn’t hold. And as long as you are “still pimpin'” it seems that your problem with the N word is not the injustice in enslaving and abusing a people, but rather the fact that you want to be the abuser rather than the abused. And as long as anyone is holding on to a system where some have to be abused for others to prosper, we will have people suffering unnecessarily, and there will always be a “N” in society. But hey, as long as it isn’t you, right?

    Just recognize that the same people that made you hate the N word are the same people who promote pimping, drugs, and violence in disadvantaged communities. Do you really wanna be their Ho?

    Peace and Love is not a clichรฉ. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. I’m a muslim and I consider these women to be my wives. It’s due to the racist power structure that I have to whore them out so I can wage war on the government with the black panther militia. We’re storing weapons so we can destroy a government virus that targets afro americans. We need millions of dollars to stop Skull & Bones and the CIA from wiping out a third of “AFREAKA” as the racist cracker devils call it. The CIA is trying to perfect airborne EBOLA. I need some hard hitting niggaz to stop them.

  12. Ok then Jimmy, bless you. ๐Ÿ™‚

    …and the word MUSLIM (roughly) translates as submitter. A muslim is someone who follows islam: inner peace and non-resistance, submission to God/source/universe. Inner peace as the way to experience paradise. As you seem to be in resistance, no wonder the life you are describing is that of hell. Fighting against anything only energizes it. Give that energy to yourself instead, or to your women. Give someone a hug.

    Love ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Airborne ebola could wipe out a third of planet earth never mind Africa. I bet the Illuminati would control it so Western Europe wouldn’t feel the effects.

  14. Wait a minute Jimmy, I gotta joke for your black ass.


    What do you call wiping out a third of the aFREAKcoon population in aFREAKa with airborne ebola virus?

    A. A good start.

  15. That Devil Bush is gonna release the bug from the University of Texas.


    Much of the University of Texas medical school on this island suffered flood damage during Hurricane Ike, except for one gleaming new building, a national biological defense laboratory that will soon house some of the most deadly diseases in the world.

    How a laboratory where scientists plan to study viruses like Ebola and Marburg ended up on a barrier island where hurricanes regularly wreak havoc puzzles some environmentalists and community leaders…

  16. The University of Texas received a 2.6 million dollar grant to develop a vaccine for the Ebola virus. The first place they will be vaccinating is UGANDA. Contrary to what the medical monopoly tellz U, vaccines spread disease. The Spanish Flu that killed a 100 million in 1918 was vaccine created.

  17. What do you want me to tell you Jimmy? The Illuminati are a bunch of devilish Jews hell bent on destroying the world. Western Europe is already flooded with immigrants. I bet the CDC will keep W Europe quarantined while the rest of the world gets hit hard. The Illuminati can keep having parties on their yachts and act like the Apocalypse isn’t even going on.

  18. Imagine 2 billion people dying like the bible says, from pestilence, war, famine and death. DIOS! I’m going to go pray. I hope I don’t get molested by the priest.

  19. What’s with you cracker devils and JEWS? U have to have the blood of JUDAH to be royalty. In mother Africa, Ethiopia has the blood of Judah but the Jews don’t recognize. The Queen of Sheba was the wife of Solomon. It is written in the bible. In Isritreal/israel the devil Jews dump black blood from the blood bank down the sewer. Farrakhan told me all about the devil Jews. He said the devil Jews were worse than the WASP (White-Anglo-Saxon-Protestant) whores like GW Bush.

  20. Im so sick of this hatred between the races day after freakin day, becsuse when we all wake up tomorrow morning (GOD’S WILL), we’re still doing the same thing we were doing yesterday (whether we like it or not) SHARING EARTH. NO ONE PERSON OWNS IT OR ANYTHING IN IT!!!! So stop w/the race bashing & discrimination!!! Once we’re dead and gone, all we take w/us is the same ignorance & feelings we had b4 taking our last breath & even that detaches from our bodies once the soul is gone so STOP IT!!!!!


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