Will Katy Perry’s Faith Fail?

Mute your screen. Watch the video and listen to Original Katy Perry.

B4 she was thrown in the second advent of Rothschild “Edge of Tommorow” psych dungeon. Katy “Perry” Hudson.

Katy Perry Hudson X Com 2

Colonel Katy Perry X Com Forces Soldier RIP in psych gulag.

History repeating NF KSW LRH NWO

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17 thoughts on “Will Katy Perry’s Faith Fail?

  1. mahdi’s dune point of view is to have jihad against machines. i would like to see the computers start up and never stop like they were made to in the 90’s

  2. katy.jpg

    Simon sez gets all the 9/11 truth likes with rule of 72 stories and boeing 767. rose is on titanic looking for the magician. the emperor mapother 4. 14 is temperance. so i guess she is talking about brand’s partying. liberty means freedom to choose their alcohol pickling their brains after every awards show

  3. let me sell you a delicacy reptilian overlords. mackaly kulkin signed my home alone contract. imagine cloning him at your leisure and feasting on that kid from home alone u aliens hate so much? mack a la orange. mack a jus. mack recipees when we let you abduct chef ramsey as your simpsons house of horror alien chef

  4. every contract has secret invisible ink promising stars dna in alien zoos and circuses

    you gotta clear out an alien planet and grow little macks with alien technology on rimmerworld so u can always have little mack alien thanksgiving. that was all in my contract that he signed with the studio. we own his dna as we beam home alone all throughout the galaxy

  5. A tiger. Don’t lose no sleep. Don’t need opinions. From a shellfish or a sheep. “Tiger” refers to Perry, who would crucify the lamb and the clam in a second. Her cousins the Hell’s Angels are in jail. U look up to KP’s family don’t u fish? Demons ruining the neighborhood. Perry Pires crypto inquisition name.

    Shellfish could also refer to unkosher food. Katy wants to be chosen not a tale from the crypt. u really want to face up to your Jewish genes katy? monty python inquisition?

  6. Some of her cousins are black sheep of the family. Robert Pires played for France. Matthew Perry from Friends beat up Trudeau. Katy is going to be a prophet to millenials when the housing crunch starts again. Prices are gonna fall just like her conscious video.


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