U.S. Recognizes Somali Puppet Government

Blackhawk Down

Washington, DC – State Department head Hillary Clinton announced Jan. 17 that the U.S. was extending formal recognition to the government of Somalia. The announcement took place during a visit of the Western-backed Somali president, Hassan Sheikh, to Washington D.C.

In a fawning speech, President Sheikh said the “United States has always been the country that never left Somalia and have been engaging Somalia with difficult times at different levels, including when the existence of Somali nation was threatened in early 90s…Had that intervention not been there, it would have been difficult and different today, the situation in Somalia. So that relationship is there and the commitment and the unwavering support of the United States has always been.”

The Somali regime used to be known as the Transitional Federal Government (TFG). The TFG was formed in a Kenyan hotel and was later backed up by the U.S.-approved Ethiopian invasion of Somalia. It is now kept in power by troops from the African Union.

Secretary of State Clinton admitted the importance of the U.S. role in Somalia, stating, “We provided more than $650 million in assistance to the African Union Mission in Somalia, more than $130 million to Somalia’s security forces.”

The U.S. also provided air support to Ethiopian troops in Somalia, has repeatedly launched drone attacks on resistance forces, and at times has used food as a weapon.

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6 thoughts on “U.S. Recognizes Somali Puppet Government

  1. All the troops in Blackhawk Down are white. The us army knows that if they brought shiny happy people to fight shiny happy people there would be mutiny.

  2. I’ve never served in the military. I respect spades like you for your service. In the words of Rodney King: Can’t we all just get along?

  3. This is all part of our chosen plan written in our chosen protocols. Henry Kissinger thought up using food as a weapon in 1974. Aren’t we Jews clever?

  4. The Italian newspaper, La Repubblica, revealed on 3 August 1993,
    in the article “Looking for Oil in Somalia” that the United States in Somalia really were after the abundant oil wells and the strategically
    important metals tungsten and uranium. They had entered Somalia
    as humanitarian aid functionaries. When Operation Restore Hope was
    begun, the United States sided with General Mohammed Farah Aidid,
    who was the leader of a gang of robbers called the Habir-Ghedir clan.
    The American oil company Conoco played a decisive role in connection
    with this. In exchange for military support, Aidid agreed to
    give Conoco monopoly to the oil prospecting. Later, the Hawale clan
    leader Ali Mahdi signed a “preliminary agreement” with Conoco that
    once again was given prospecting rights after the war.
    It was then decided to get rid of Aidid, who was presented by the
    propaganda as the devil incarnate. Conoco belongs to the masonic
    family DuPont, who took part in the financing of the Soviet Union as
    well as Nazi Germany. The assets of Eleuthere and Samuel DuPont
    increased from 83 million dollars to 308 million dollars during the
    First World War.
    The editor-in-chief of the Italian financial newspaper Il Globo-Oro
    12, Enzo Garretti, revealed that behind the Somali operation were,
    except for the oil magnates, also the finance companies Goldman
    Sachs and Salomon Brothers (the latter has also lent money to the
    Swedish government). Garretti wrote: “The shadow of Wall Street lies
    over Somalia.”


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