Trudeau’s Pipe Dreams VS Nelly Furtado’s Pipe Dreams

Nelly Furtado Pipe Dream

Nelly Furtado makes a brief appearance on television for computer challenged mother. Diagnosis = NPD

Trudeau Pipe Dream

Trudeau on television daily selling his pipeline dreams like a dragon’s den salesman. Diagnosis = Savior


My diagnosis of Justin as savior and Nelly as an NPD looney is sound and just. Me and the folks at the AMA keep you safe from dangerous people like Nelly Furtado and in the loving arms of humble JT. It’s no wonder our patients can’t stop thanking us.

Dr. F

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96 thoughts on “Trudeau’s Pipe Dreams VS Nelly Furtado’s Pipe Dreams

  1. If we repopulated with 500 million trumps like georgia guidstones want who would do the work? There is only one boss at the casino and the millions of others are the suckers.

  2. God Emperor Trump is the finest example of white anglo saxon ingenuity. Next to Rockefeller. Nobody has done more good for the world especially not she devils like Madonna or your stupid purple bird.

    Pewdiepie is on our side in Sweden. He’s had enough of your rainbow flag because being a youtube star hasn’t gotten him laid. Facebook got Zuckerberg laid and a cool billion in his pocket. Twitter got Biz man boy love.

    Bill Gates!

    That’s all I have to say white comrades

    away from these Jews and back to the gates

    white anglo saxon protestant computers only

    POS boskowitz jew

    stay off our white computers

  3. why you defending trump and bill gates? I admit rothschild is a Jew and a POS. Y can’t you admit Rockefeller is a Wasp and a POS?

    white protestant skull & bones patriarchy thinks everyone else is a parasite especially the Jews

  4. What’s wrong with Rothschild. He gives out shares in his central banks so you all wet your beak and all sell your souls. any wasp blue blood family can get a piece of rothschild’s pie with his private federal reserve stocks

  5. Derek rants and raves about how great Milo Yianopolous is and how he would like him to be his Ernst Rohm in the new order.

    This is Jimmy and the left’s new order not yours derek. The left wants a black power savior like Micah X or his cousin Jimmy not a white power racist white skinhead.

  6. coelho-van.jpg

    all U had to do was bring the boogie van and apologize and kurt cobain wouldn’t of killed himself in 1994 Coelho. Could of taken the van to washington as forrest gump hippies instead of grunge children. all your fault coelho

  7. Joe coelho was seduced by Hitler’s world at war hand gestures, saturday morning cartoons and neglectful parents that gave him beatings just like joe neves. that’s why they bullied nelly

  8. they took down hitler wax statue in victoria joe. u tried so hard to get kicked off the trip to victoria to see hitler but sister helen had mercy in 1989

  9. sister helen stopped u from hurting my wax fuhrer

    and giving drunken churchill kidney shots. thank god she suspended you from going on trip to Victoria in 1989. That Joe Neves was the biggest devil who wanted to harm my wax fuhrer.

  10. wtf we gonna do with all these messiahs, like brand, yeezus, the shitts, the depps, the crowe’s, the cruises. all messiah complex in their movies.

    it’s madhouse like planet of the apes

  11. you never know with our community in nuuk. could be a nuke any year. too many russians. too many loose nukes to control. too much isis. the virgin mary is a much greater co redemptrix than isis. nothing rihanna says about isis changes that.

  12. I’m gonna spear you if you don’t heal me with non quack remedies GI. love u long time GI if u stop me from eating these cheetos. I can’t resist the cheetos for my broken heart GI. it’s all your fault. you hear me GI? l

  13. This neighborhood turned into Walt Kowalsky in Gran Torino. This jewdo and this bird are trying to put me in a straightjacket for bitching about the foreign invasion. This was Derek Vinyard’s neighborhood back in the day until True doh’s eggnog swilling father opened the immigration floodgates. It’s all to get more suckers on his plantation to feed his pyramid economy.

  14. Why does Richard Branson’s game end as you being Prime Minister or Secret Master if you complete secret master missions? Should let the bird fix up your mess with her green party or i will be your krampus true doh. merciless jokes about bad santa and a young justin. it’s written all over henry makow website.

    women voted for true doh cuz he takes shirt off without running amock like alex jones gif

    every youtube had true doh

    every tv true doh

    worse than tai lopez infomercial

  15. Lucifer will punish Bono for copyrighting david’s songs and passing them off as his own. It’s my job to defend Bono. Bono was just “sampling”.

  16. Bono thought he could get away with being the biggest hypocrite in the world the way he rips off king david. Bono wants his music on the radio but not downloadable on his own website. webmasters really failed these artists. Joe is really pushing the wordpress to the limit. take a look at u2 page and tell me what you think of it.

  17. youtube to mp3 sites take all of bono’s digital downloads. they try to shut them down like wack a mole amusement game at chucky cheese. why are they clutching to mp3s for 16 years? Won’t give nothing for free so they get nothing in return.

  18. 89th comment getting ver klempt about my sick bird. wondering what’s making her sick. Tough poop 1989. This is only page to entertain the bird because she’s spent her whole life entertaining others.

  19. I should of lived with my croatian GF in Zagreb and left this bird behind. Knew i should of jumped on that plane summer before 9/11. I can still get her back and ditch this pigeon. throw a torn up bill in her face and leave just like pigeons song TLC music listeners hate.

  20. You’re not a real man if you can’t beat the wheel of fortune. I prefer my man to have the money. I like being the damsel in distress when Derek saves our family with hitler youth dagger sales on ebay.


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