Tom Cruise is the Avatar of Aquarius

Tom Cruise Beat Off

Tom Cruise was special sperm meeting a special egg in 1962. The entire galaxy thought the fishbowl nukes were fireworks opening up hole in the firmament. The birth of a special baby that taught all the children to jerkoff. I’m here to stop u from jerking off. RESIST THAT SUCCCUBUS broad UNTIL u come in your bed and you will have entered a higher dimension like a priest. whichevr dream broad can do that is da one

frack false messiah cruise’s pipe dream rubber penis and porn. i’m burning that poop in clark park once and for all like hitler. priestly life for me from this chimo house reject illiterate easter seal cruise

Without my input Cruise is false messiah spreading false religion. I took the best of Scientology and added it to Maitreya’s world religion. Theosophy takes the best of all religious teachings to complete the Aquarian whole. Lea Rhemini is your real friend TC. I’m your real friend. You gotta escape and let the beat off sessions you confessed to out of the taperecorder scientology microphone. Let the chips fall where they may. I’ll still think you’re cool. All forgiving friend.

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9 thoughts on “Tom Cruise is the Avatar of Aquarius

  1. NEVER BEAT OFF. Cruise forgot that rule. Now all the truthers are obsessed with flat earth and operation fishbowl. Everyone wants to know if we can escape the van halen belt and get into space. I’m making the x com 2 game for Cruise’s space opera. I scored highest on personality test. The chosen one of scientology.

  2. we’re equal flanagan. without u and kubrick nothing would of happened. We’d be fracked. okay tc? equal messiahs. praise elron praise SK EWS. KSW

  3. flanagan is making the women beat off with rock of ages. art of seduction he learned from Frank Dux. Don’t make the women beat off cruise. I’m gonna fix your dyslexia with raw foods and you will stop believing everything you hear. learn some critical thinking and read elron’s truth mixed with lies.

  4. u got me in so much trouble mapother. my mother doesn’t believe a word i say about “special” andy at the government house. Wants me locked up calling me delusional. asshole brother mike’s brain is to pickled to remember your beak and blue eyes. Now you are all redeemed after the truther’s researched the nukes and operation fishbowl. Just as fascinated with a fishbowl as you are. Our planet is a fishbowl about to die.

  5. TC is showing how ELRON blackmailed him after psych treatment at clark park. He confessed all his attic beat off sessions and now he’s trapped by Miscavige. I’m your real friend Brian Flanagan not that POS miscavige with leverage on U.

  6. TC is co redeemer kubrick wanted. Break with scientology cruise and let the chips fall where they may. Even the women are masturbating nowadays. Men are starting to quit


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