Tila Tequila: ‘Hitler Is A Prophet’

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I know I have been getting a ton of media backlash for being one of the few brave ones who dare speak the truth directly in and with conviction right in the eyes of the lying, dark cabal that is desperately trying to usher in their New World Order agenda!  I promise you that I will continue to blast out these truths to the world in which the “ELITES” have tried for so long to hide from the masses.  When you learn the truth, the truth shall set you free!  Be brave and speak your truth, our truth, and down with the New World Order!  Anyone who attacks us for spreading the truth to awaken mankind are apparently either traitors or part of the New World Order shills themselves, and as I promised you all I shall continue to release these “truth bombs” more and more on my blog so that we can rewrite history the way it was SUPPOSED to be instead of living in the world filled with lies to keep you in their slave matrix!  Time to free yourselves my friends!  The truth may hurt some but it WILL set you free!  For so long “THEY” have lied to us and painted out Hitler to be a monster.  That he was part of so and so and did this and that when in fact, he REFUSED and BOOTED the Rothschild bankers and their offers!  Interesting indeed and  I have only barely started!  So, let us begin, shall we?


Hitler Was a True Prophet & The Nazis Gave Rothschild Bankers The Boot!

Despite the frivilous claims of foolhardy patriotards and assorted Jew defenders who often masquerade as “anti-Zionists,” the Nazis were not — in any way — covertly funded by, or in cahoots with, Rothschild bankers. On the contrary, the German, French and Austrian branches of the House of Rothschild were effectively dissolved and extirpated by Hitler. Quite a bizarre and counterproductive action of a “Rothschild agent” wouldn’t you say?

Niall Ferguson’s biography of the Rothschild family, The House of Rothschild: Volume 2: The World’s Banker: 1849-1999 (Penguin, 2000), although sympathetic to Jewry and the Rothschilds, outlines the reality of the National Socialists’ war against this international criminal Jewish banking cabal. Ferguson writes:

“An altogether more ruthless coalition had come to power in Germany in 1933, dominated by the National Socialist German Workers’ Party.Hostility to the Rothschilds’ had been a feature of Nazi propaganda from the movement’s infancy (see introduction to volume 1) despite the fact that the Frankfurt house had been wound up when Hitler was barely twelve years old. It was a hostility that soon translated into action. At first the attacks were largely symbolic: in December 1933 the Frankfurt Rothschildallee was renamed Karolingerallee, while the Luisenplatz and Mathildenstrasse lost the plaques identifying them with members of the family. It was not until April 1938, with the “Ordinance on the Registration of Jewish Assets,” that Rothschild property came under direct attack. In the wake of the orchestrated anti-Semitic demonstrations of the following November (Reichskristallnacht), nearly all the myriad of charitable and educational foundations — of which there were around twenty — were dissolved, with the exception of the Carolinum Dental Clinic, which had become part of the Frankfurt University. The largest of these, the Baron Wilhelm Carl von Rothschild Foundation, was “Aryanised” under pressure from the city authorities, so that all references to its founder were expunged. At the same time, the Reich Association of Jews in Germany was forced to sell the Mathilde von Rothschild Paediatric Hospital, the Georgine Sara von Rothschild Foundation for Infirm Foreign Israelites and the Rothschild residence at Grosser Wollgraben 26 to the Frankfurt municipality. The Gestapo also confiscated the A.M. von Rothschild Sanatorium for Lung Diseases in the Black Forest. At least four other Rothschild-founded institutions suffered the same fate.”

The private property of the few family members still resident in Germany was expropriated by similar methods, though there was in fact relatively little of it left by 1938. Before the process of confiscation began, Max von-Goldscmidt-Rothschild’s son Albert, Rudolf and Erich sold the family houses at the Grüneburg and Königstein and opted to emigrate (Albert to Switzerland, where he committed suicide in 1941 when faced with the threat of expulsion). But Maximilian — now 95 — was too old to leave. He stayed on in the house in the Bockenheimer Landstrasse, with the garden which his wife’s great-uncle Amschel had acquired over a century before the earliest days of Jewish emancipation in Frankfurt. Or rather he was allowed to occupy a room in the house; for in tragic fulfilment of Amschel’s nightmare — dating back to the night in 1815 when he first slept in the “free air” of the garden — Maximilian was forced to sell the property to the city of Frankfurt for just 610,000 reichsmarks (less tax). In the aftermath of Kristallnacht he was also obliged to sell his art collection to the city for 2.3 million reichsmarks (again less tax) and to donate a further 25 percent of his remaining assets to the Reich as an “atonement payment”…

… Discovered, was no longer the Vienna house by the Alliance. In addition, the Witkowitz board had safeguarded against sequestration the company’s stake in the Swedish Freya ore mines as well as £200,000 in foreign currency. Louis [Nathaniel de Rothschild of Austria] therefore had a real bargaining position. When Himmler sought to ingratiate himself by sending some ornate French furniture to the prison, he was able to send it away complaining that it made his cell look like a “Cracow Bordello.” Although Louis had to hand over most of his Austrian assets to secure his own release, the family was able to insist that a price be paid for Witkowitz (albeit a discounted price). But such legal niceties were ultimately bound to be swept aside by Nazi force majeure. Eugene’s hopes of selling the ironworks to the Czechoslovak state for £10 million were dashed when Hitler bullied the Prague government into accepting partition in March 1939. With the works effectively under German control, Goring’s Commissioner Hans Kehrl, Rasche and Paul Pleiger (the Reichswerke’s general director). At the same time Fritz Kranefuss — Himmler’s adjutant and a supervisory board member of the Dresdner bank — informed Rasche on the basis of Sicherheitsdienst intelligence that the transfer abroad of the ownership of Witkowitz had been illegal under currency laws. Finally, in July 1939, it was agreed to sell the plant for £2.9 million. However, the outbreak of war gave the Germans the perfect excuse not to pay. As a result, Witkowitz joined the lengthening list of Rothschild properties confiscated without compensation by the Nazi regime. In January 1941 Goring was able to take the process a step further when 43,300 Witkowitz shares were seized from the vaults of the Paris house (though even this did not give him a technical controlling interest). (It was not until 1953 that the communist government established in Czechoslovakia in 1948 finally paid compensation to the Rothschilds — amounting to £1 millon — for the works.) Yet it was not their industrial investments which Hitler and his lackeys really coveted so much as their investments in art — the Old Masters, the Sevres, the Louis Quinze bureaus — which were the most dazzling fruits of the family’s financial success. In fleeing Austria, Alphonse had left behind one of the great European private collections; and attempts to buy it by Lord Duveen (possibly bidding on behalf of the original owners) were in vain. For the acquisition of so many old masters had given Hitler the idea of establishing a new German gallery at Linz, to give the Reich its Louvre. In 1939 he authorized Hans Posse to begin work on the project, putting the best works seized from Austrian Jews into a “Fuhrer reserve” for this purpose. …

Up until the outbreak of war in 1939, the corollary of the expropriation of the Jews was their emigration from German territory. (It was significant in this respect that the Rothschild palace in the Prinz Eugenstrasse was occupied by Adolf Eichmann’s Central Office for Jewish Emigration, which worked closely with Rafelsberger’s Asset Transactions Office.) Naturally many (though not all) German and Austrian Jews wanted to get out, while the Nazis had no objection to their leaving, provided they could be mulcted in the process. Leading German Jewish bankers — notably Max Warburg — saw little alternative but to facilitate this process. However, for Jews like the Rothschilds who remained outside the area of German control, this created a number of acute dilemmas. …

The only logical solution was therefore to find some alternative territory for the Jews to go to. The Nazis themselves thought of Madagascar. Interestingly, Guy Burgess’s first assignment (when he was still a freelance intelligence agent) from MI6′s D section was — as he faithfully reported to Moscow in December 1938 — “to activate Lord Rothschild” in an attempt to “split the Jewish movement” and “create an opposition to Zionism and Dr Weitzmann [sic].” At around the same time, the Paris house [of the Rothschild family] forwarded to New Court a proposal to purchase 200,000 acres of Brazil’s Mato Grosso “for colonisation purposes”; and another to settle Jews in Sudan’s Upper Nile Valley between Malakhal and Bor — supposedly “a huge territory … with no population and where Jews might organize themselves an important colony.” Kenya, Northern Rhodesia and Guiana were also considered. Only at the eleventh hour, it seems, did the Rothschilds recognize the need to admit refugees into Britain and France. In March 1939 Edouard’s wife Germaine turned an old house at the edge of the Ferrieres estate into a hostel for around 150 refugee children. After the German invasion they were evacuated south and later dispersed, some escaping to the United States. …

By 1939, of course, numerous members of the Rothschild family were themselves refugees. The German invasion of France in May 1940 increased their number substantially. Even before the fall of Paris, Robert had already reached the safety of Montreal, taking with him his wife Nelly and daughters Diane and Cecile. It was not until July, however, that his cousin and senior partner Edouard — now in his seventies — opted to leave France, finally reaching the United States after a circuitous journey through Spain and Portugal. (He too was accompanied by his wife Germaine and daughter Bethsabee, his eldest daughter Jacqueline having already settled in America with her second husband.) Their former partner Maurice also ended up in Canada, while his ex-wife Noemie and son Edmond took refuge at the estate at Pregny. The other French Rothschild of that generation, Henri, was already resident in Portugal. Finally, Alain’s pregnant wife reached the US via Spain and Brazil, while Guy’s wife Alix took the route through Argentina, though she later rejoined her husband.

… Occupied France to confiscate “possessions of the Palais Rothschild,” including any which had been handed over to the French state. The following month, the Germans ordered that administrators be put in charge of the Jewish firms. The Luftwaffe and later a German general occupied the Rothschild house at 23 avenue de Marigny.

Yet the Germans soon found themselves in competition with the puppet Vichy regime they themselves had called into being. Even before Keitel’s order, the Petain regime issued a decree which declared that all Frenchman who had left mainland France after May 10 had “removed themselves from the responsibilities and duties of members of the national community.” Accordingly, their assets were to be confiscated and sold, the proceeds going to the Vichy state. This was explicitly applied to Edouard, Robert and Henri.Soon after this, Petain laid claim to the Rothschild offices in the rue Laffitte for a government welfare agency and showed every sign of intending to treat other buildings belonging to the family in a similar fashion, putting them all in the hands of a new Public Property Office.

In some ways, it made little difference to the Rothschilds whether it was the Germans or the Vichy regime which stole their property. The latter was motivated by anti-Semitism too, as evidenced by the decrees Petain issued on October 3, 1940 and June 2, 1941, which drastically restricted the rights of French Jews, and the constant vitriolic attacks on the Rothschilds in pro-German papers likePartis-Soir and Au Pilori. Nor can it be seriously argued that Vichy officials were somehow more lenient in their treatment of Rothschild property than the Germans would have been. Maurice Janicot, who ran Petain’s Public Property Office, is said to have prevented the Germans from clearing the cellars of Lafite, for example; but a lack of buyers seems the most likely explanation for his failure to sell Elie’s Neuilly stable of horses, Alain’s house on the rue du Cirque and Miriam’s houses in Boulogne and Paris. As can be seen from his statement to German authorities in May 1941 — to the effect that de Rothschild Freres now belonged to the Vichy state — the aim was to pre-empt the Germans, not to protect the Rothschilds. The attempt by Petain’s Commissariat for the Jewish Questions to convert the Institut de biologie physico-chimique founded by Edmond in 1927 into a laboratory for the eugenicist Alex Carrel says much about the fundamental compatibility of Vichy and the Third Reich.

… If Hitler had successfully launched “Operation Sealion” in the summer of 1940, when Britain was at her most vulerable, a similar fate might have befallen the English Rothschilds and their remaining private collections — a worse fate probably, as the invasion of Britain would have made the ultimate defeat of Germany infinitately harder to achieve.

The fact that the Nazis seized and dismantled Rothschild assets and interests in Germany, France and Austria (which became part of the Third Reich after 1938′s Anschluss), as well as arrested Austrian-Jewish banking kingpin Louis von Rothschild, is not in question, despite what suspicious internet characters try to propagate. The oft-repeated claim that Hitler “didn’t go after the Rothschilds” or “left the Rothschilds alone” is, as you have just witnessed, a barefaced falsehood perpetrated by, what can only amount to, Jewish disinformation agents.

A brief biography of Louis von Rothschild (1882-1955), states:

“The collapse of the Creditanstalt in 1931 had an impact across Europe and caused death of a bank. Only action of the Paris and London Rothschild banks could collapse the Vienna Rothschild bank is prevented. A foreign creditor Cttee led by Lionel Rothschild / London and Lord Kindersley, the bank finally restored. But only a few years later came the final blow: 1938 Louis was arrested by the Nazis and held for a year in jail until the complicated negotiations over his release were completed. Rothschild was allowed to leave the country only if he renounced all Austrian possessions. A truly princely ransom. The war effort Vítkovice plant, which provided 30% of crude steel, 30% coal and 40% of the pig iron was in Austria, but was previously transferred to an English company, so that the Nazis could not confiscate the works simply. It was not until after the outbreak of the war Goering took over the works. (After the war, the Czech Communists confiscated the work and paid the Rothschilds in 1953, a compensation) The vast art collections (several 1000 objects) of the Rothschilds were also seized. This ended the presence of the Rothschilds on Austrian soil. The childless Louis went into exile in the United States.

The modern-day Rothschilds themselves are still kvetching about it on their website:

“The crash of 1929 brought problems, not least in Austria where Louis von Rothschild struggled hard to shore up the Creditanstalt, Austria’s largest bank, to prevent collapse. Less than a decade later a darker tide arrived; the Austrian Rothschilds’ interests were seized in 1938 by the Nazis, bringing to an end more than a century at the heart of middle European banking. In France and Austria, the family was scattered for the duration of the war.


Several New York Times articles also refer to this event:

“… The [Austrian Rothschild] family’s holdings were seized by the Nazis during the German Anschluss in 1938. [. . .] Their holdings had been vastly reduced, in part because of wartime destruction by the Nazis….” (“At $90 Million, Rothschild Sale Exceeds Goals.” New York Times. July 09, 1999.)

“A year after the Austrian Government agreed to return about $40 million worth of art and objects that the Nazis confiscated from the Austrian branch of the Rothschild family, members of the 256-year-old banking dynasty have decided to sell the collection.” (“Austrian Rothschilds Decide to Sell; Sotheby’s in London Will Auction $40 Million in Art Seized by Nazis.” New York Times. April 10, 1999.)

The only people in the world who foolishly allege that this didn’t happen are the lying anti-Hitler fetishists of the David Icke persuasion who dismiss and try to cast doubt upon anything and everything that doesn’t coincide with their kosher-approved “theories.” These buffoons are harboring a subversive pro-Jewish agenda. They aim at casting aspersions upon anyone who resists Jewry in word and deed, as Hitler and the National Socialists did so efficiently and courageously.

In 1940, Reich Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels commissioned the production of a film exposing the criminal historical machinations of the Rothschild family entitled,The Rothschilds: Shares in Waterloo. It was the first of three counter-semitic movies made in 1940 by the Nazi regime. The film provided a historical account of the Rothschild family’s rise to fortune, set mostly in Britain during the Napoleonic wars. An indictment of Jewish intrigue and avarice, the film aimed at illustrating the “Judafication” of British society at the hands of the Rothschilds, demonstrating that the Britons had become “the Jews among Aryans.”

All of this, of course, flies in the face of the slanderous disinfo-peddlers who chant the mindless slogan: “Hitler was a Rothschild agent!” These deranged cretins will continue to infect the internet with their poisonous propaganda against Hitler and National Socialism. The crypto-Jews masquerading as “anti-Zionists” who voraciously propagate these pernicious lies about Hitler seek to demoralize us by denigrating the solutions that solved the Jewish problem in the past, and by doing so aim at derailing any future resistance to Jewry. These rotten snakes hope to smash the resolve and will power that heroic figures like Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels inspire in modern-day resistors of Jewish tyranny.

As the fearless truth martyr Joseph Goebbels said in 1945: “There will come a day, when all the lies will collapse under their own weight, and truth will again triumph.”  

Sieg Heil! Heil HiTILA! Heil HiTila! Heil HiTila!!!  NOTHING CAN STOP THE TRUTH ONCE THE IRON OF TRUTH STARTS CRASHING DOWN!!!!!  Sieg Heil my Comrades of TRUTH!

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5 thoughts on “Tila Tequila: ‘Hitler Is A Prophet’

  1. Tila: As I’ve Said Before, So I Say Now AGAIN . . . . . . .

    What You (&-Or Derek) Are Saying Is NOTHING NEW !




    Truthfully, Honestly, Sincerely Yours And Faithfully Recorded & Submitted,

    Tony Cisneros
    2011 (& Possible 2015) Candidate For City Treasurer,
    City Of Chicago,
    State Of Illinois,
    The United States Of America.


  2. My thoughts on Tila T. thinking that Hitler was a prophet and a hero???? What do you think? Need I reply, no, but this is so delusional, and sickening that I must.
    First off, yes, I do confess with a heavy heart that I read this article. I admit it. I was curious. I had to know how this woman was going to state her case, and turn Hitler into a hero. The picture of her scantily clothed in front of one of the most notorious death camps with a Nazi armband, holding up a gun should have steered me away, but it only made me all the more inquisitive. What could Tila possibly say in his defense? I must say that the article itself made me feel completely nauseated, and I felt like I was on acid, trapped in the drug induced Disney’s “Fantasia”. Delusional doesn’t even cut it. I have read several articles by this woman who claims to have been “enlightened”, and freed from her bondage to the infamous Illuminati. She now candidly speaks about this group of sinister individuals who in the past had abused, used, and tried to kill her. She now has a mission to “call them out” and expose them, but this article (supposedly penned by her) tells me the opposite. There is no way she can openly yap about her allegiance, and admiration for one of the most sadistic, evil men to ever walk the planet and not be involved with the Illuminati. How is she free in any way from their grip if she is saying that Hitler was basically just “misunderstood”, and those who disagree with her are “blinded” and “crazy” not to share her viewpoints about this “great guy”? Her defense that our “hero” should be admired and loved because he did not help the Rothschild’s with their banking schemes, and that he wanted to relocate the Jews to a more “suitable” place for their comfort and their safety is at best loony tunes, at worst- in need of solitary confinement for the rest of her life.
    Yes, this poor soul is still working for the Illuminati and either knows it, and is a double agent for them, or is under the delusion that she is free, and actually sharing valuable information about one of the most despised men in history. My bet is on the latter. Perhaps she should meet some of Hitler’s concentration camp “buddies”. Maybe she can take a gander at their arms which were branded with numbers for identifying purposes, and contemplate how it must have felt as their skinned was scorched, scalded, and blistered. If you listen closely, you will hear the screams of thousands upon thousands, among them tiny children.
    Perhaps Tila would like to listen to these amazing survivors as they speak stoically about the horrors of the “human ovens”, and the hideous black smoke that rose deep into the sky as their loved ones slowly burned to death. And the fear they lived with daily as they silently prepared for their turn to be roasted alive. Maybe she would like to hear the story of a woman who was pregnant and went into labor one day out in the courtyard. It was winter, and as her labor began, nobody helped her. She lay there like a cat by the side of the road, and screamed for help as the pains grew worse, ripping her apart inside. The prison guards stood by and watched as she lay suffering, alone, unattended. Finally, with one last loud shriek, her baby was born. She quickly grabbed him to her breast, holding him tightly with her arms warming his tiny, little body. The guards saw this, and slowly walked up to her battered, bleeding body and callously ripped the child from her aching arms- the woman begging and pleading for her child back. Instead, while she lay screaming for her baby, the guards took her child and played football with his tiny, naked form. They threw the baby back and forth, kicked it to each other- laughing hysterically as they watched the mother crumple up in pain, and agony. Finally, as she resigned herself to the fact that she would never have her baby back alive, they finished their “football”game, and returned the child- bloodied, broken, and disjointed into the woman’s numb, trembling arms. She sat there, tears and snot intermingling, and running down her dirty, swollen face. This amazing woman lived to tell this tale to anyone who’d listen to bear testimony to Hitler’s atrocities, and her story was published in a magazine, and probably millions have read it.
    Of course, I could write a book about Hitler’s “kindnesses”, and wonderfully humane treatment of the Jews. And one book would not cut it, because each survivor has his/her own sickening tale to tell.
    For one who has claimed to see the light, I have never seen one so blind. The stories of Hitler are renowned, and as if the testimonies aren’t grueling enough, we have the pictures of his “heroism”. You know, the mass pits of hundreds and hundreds of starved, mutilated and dead bodies of the Jewish race, and others as well. Their are so many pictures of these death camps, and proud soldiers standing next to dead, beaten bodies with smiles on their faces that once viewed- one can never, ever forget these images. I know that I haven’t. They haunt me sometimes at night when I am unable to sleep.
    Open your eyes, Tila. Who cares if Hitler was involved with the Rothschild’s or not? In full light of all his sinister, wicked, reprobate ways, what does it matter? You are still obviously brainwashed. The Illuminati are still using you to print their blackened, dark, twisted lies, and deceitful ways of their father, Satan. I pray you find God through His Son, Jesus. And one more warning, be very, very careful of the way you speak of the Jewish race. They are God’s chosen people. He loves them, and sent Jesus (also a Jew) to die for them- as well as for the Gentiles (us). God places a curse on people who hurt His children. Stop spreading lies, and propaganda. This article is filth. You are being used as a sex object as well, and these evil individuals do not love, care, or give a rip what happens to you. But God does. He truly loves you.

  3. Hi, Derek. I am very sorry to hear about your father. It must have been traumatic beyond words. I thought a lot about what you wrote, and I felt bad for you, and I wondered how I would feel if that happened to me. And honestly, I don’t know. I know there are things in my life that haunt me from my past. You sound like you were close to your father- I was not, and he is still alive, but I refuse to see him. He did things to me when I was a child, and refuses to admit it. But I often wish, though I am a grown woman, that I had a father who loved me, and cared, and was a big part of my life. I’ll never have that, and it hurts-bad.
    If I had lost a good father to a person of a different race who shot him-like yours- it would be difficult in extreme not to blame all of them. It would seem as if they were all the same, though I’m sure logically I’d know it was just one man, it would be hard not to look at all the others with disdain, and hatred. My heart would be feeling different than my head. Sometimes logic just fails you, and your inside gut screams out for justice- this I know. I love Jesus, and am a Christian, but I struggle daily with what my father did to me. It scarred my way of thinking, and my views of all fathers, and men, and sex. Luckily, I have a very, very patient husband who loves me, and wants to help me through this. I hate my father for what he did. This hatred burns in my gut like a fire, but it hurts me-not him. But, I struggle with the concept of forgiveness. How do I forgive such atrocities? If I forgive him doesn’t that mean that he gets away with it? Does it mean he can do what he wants and not pay for it? I have thought terrible things to do to him, and have raged to God about it again and again.
    But the truth is, under all the hatred, and pain there is hurt-hurt beyond words, hurt no one knows, hurt no one will ever see except God. He is my Father now. I have discovered so far that forgiveness is an ongoing thing. It is something that I have to do almost every day. And the truth is, he will not get away with what he did. God will avenge me for the abuse I suffered, and still suffer. I feel clean when I give this pain to God who assures me that there is a time for everything, and that I need to believe that He has a purpose for everything. Why did God let it happen? I don’t know, but I am realizing that I don’t have to have an answer for everything to know that there is a God. He created the Heavens and the earth, and He wants to help heal my scars, and that it takes work to get well- a lot. I asked Jesus in my heart(about 35 years ago), and He did change me- I felt a weight leave my shoulders-a very, very heavy, physical weight, and that night my mother said that my face was radiant. At that time I didn’t know what happened to me was Biblical. It says in 2 Corinthians 5: 17, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation: the old has gone, the new has come.” (I had never owned a Bible before, and didn’t understand anything about it- till I went to a teenage prayer group and learned about Jesus) Since then He has done many, many wonderful things for me, and shown Himself real. Derek, though you may resent me for saying this- I will pray for you to get some relief from your pain for what that person did to your father. I am sad for your pain, and God has called me to pray for others. Tonight I will write your name in my Bible and try to pray for you often. All I do know is that He loves you very much, and wants to be part of your life for good. Take care of yourself, and those you love. Peace to your heart.

  4. Hitler was a Jew. God loves Jew meat, so he appointed Hitler butcher extraordinaire. Do your research, Tila. Heil Mutterland!


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