The Repulsive Roseanne

Roseanne Burnt Cookies Heeb

Roseanne is repulsive. I have had enough of her lies. She claims to have been Satanically abused by her parents. This is a big lie. Roseanne’s dad is a fine upstanding member of B’nai B’rith. We are fraternal brothers. I give all my brothers cash for gold. You can have cash for gold too. When we have enough gold we will build a Jerusalem of gold. David De Rothschild will rule over the goyim as Moshiach. Roseanne is against this. She wants some sort of Utopia. She is having trouble accepting David as Moshiach. Can’t you see woman? David is Jesus.

Rotten Roseanne is against centralized banking she calls it a swindle. How dare she. David is doing God’s work financing the War on Terror through the Federal Reserve. What would we do without the Federal Reserve? The Fed is the backbone of America’s prosperity. We need the Fed.

Roseanne you should concentrate on being a good baleboste like you were on your show. You should stop kvetching like you are some sort of conspiracy maven. Leave the ranting to Alex Jones. Stop being a yenta and help DJ when he gets his schmekel stuck in his pants zipper. These are all goals a Jewish woman can aspire to. Remember Roseanne, if DJ was circumcised it would of never got caught in his zipper. This is the proof of the superiority of Judaism.

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10 thoughts on “The Repulsive Roseanne

  1. bullying-vicki-polin.jpg

    Roseanne is a famous version of Vicki Polin. Her parents worship Satan. This woman was on the Oprah show in 1998 and she said that there are other Jewish families besides hers.

  2. David is Jesus. David is protecting mother earth under his nurturing arm. Sailing through the garbage patch. Parting the garbage like Moses parted the red sea.

  3. Why do they worship me? Can’t they see I am their enemy? I want the human race wiped out like the dinosaurs. Mankind is an unworthy creation.

  4. Go away Yeshua! David is better than you. David saved the planet from global warming on 777. The arctic ice is coming back because David encouraged the goyim to wear sweaters instead of turning up the heat.

  5. David de Rothschild is no more Jesus, than I am the Pope, or the Easter Bunny, or you are King Henry viii! Please do not tell me that such learned, intelligent men as yourselves will let this man pull the wool right over your eyes without so much as a blink! Gentlemen, David R. is a person, a man, not the Creator of this world! But I’ll tell you this, David knows his job, and is very, very good at it. He knows how to target an audience, pander to them while secretly unmasking their weaknesses-which they believe are their strengths, and then at just the right time-go for the kill.
    What will you say when you see the real Jesus coming back in the clouds of the sky? He says that all mankind will weep, and there will be gnashing of teeth because everyone will then know that what His Word said is true, and they rejected Him.
    David R. is a fake, and a phony, and was groomed to deceive the world as many others are also groomed to do so. Jesus Himself said that He will never come back as a humble man, born of a woman- ever again. He tells us that when He comes back at the 2nd Coming, it will be in the clouds, and He will gather those who love Him to His side in the sky. He also tells us in Matthew 24 that there will be many false prophets who come saying, “I am the Christ!” And that these false prophets will also perform many miracles, signs, and wonders to deceive even the elect- if that were possible. And if you hear, “The Messiah is in the desert,” or “in the inner rooms” do not go, and do not believe it. “For as lightning that comes from the east is visible even in the west, so will be the coming of the Son of Man.”( Matthew 24: 1-26) Furthermore, it goes all the way to verse 51 about what else shall happen in the end times. There you have it. David R., Lord M., the Pope, and many others who claim to be Jesus, or God are lying. For He has told us ahead of time what to expect- all we need to know. Jesus is coming again, and when He does- we will see Him in the sky in all His glory, and splendor. Please, gentlemen, be not fooled. You are smarter than that. May the Lord God fill your hearts with His light, and love. Peace to you, and your loved ones.

  6. You are not the Christ. David is the Christ. Do you have gold? Gold to build a Jerusalem of gold? NO? Then leave us alone yeshua

  7. Roseanne is so sweet. She fights for her people every day. So sad what happened to her because of the synagogue of satan. She has to get her memories back somehow. Max will say it’s false memory syndrome


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