The Last Song to Go Through The Orlando Shooter’s Mind

In 1988, N.W.A. frontman Eazy E rapped about an encounter with a …

Afghan Girl Day of The Dead

Music in psychological operations

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Music has been used in psychological operations. The term music torture is sometimes used by critics of the practice of playing loud music incessantly to prisoners or people besieged.

The United Nations and the European Court of Human Rights have banned the use of loud music in interrogations.[citation needed] The term torture is sometimes used to describe the practice. While it is acknowledged by US interrogation experts that it causes discomfort, it has also been characterized by them as causing no “long-term effects.”[1]

Music and sound have been usually used as part of a combination of interrogation methods, today recognized by international bodies as amounting to torture.[2] Attacking all senses without leaving any visible traces, they have formed the basis of the widely discussed torture in Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib. They were, however, devised much earlier in the 1950s and early 1960s, as a way to counter so-called Soviet “brainwashing”.[3] They include:

sensory deprivation
stress positions
sleep deprivation
food and drink deprivation
continuous music or sound

What the Americans do to Afghans at their base in Cuba. The eyes of the moon have the mystery of why the Orlando Shooter went on his Jihad. No tears for Afghanistan from the brainwashed Babylonians

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32 thoughts on “The Last Song to Go Through The Orlando Shooter’s Mind

  1. There is only the silence in this cycle of violence. I think Barney the dinosaur was surrounded with pedophiles. I’m glad my father sent that astertoid and made them extinct.

    The elders want everything leveled with a big earthquake and financial apocalypse. what kind of babylon song u want demi? boney m?


    Psalm 2. “Why do the nations rage, and the people plot [conspire] a vain thing? … “The Secret Story of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion unravels one of the …

  2. This shooter was a queen like the rest in the club. He thought he was the king of queens romancing Stacey Carosi as the dead sardines wash up on the Malibu shores. Queens on ecstasy in a club is not real ecstasy. The kabbalah plastic bottles poison the water. Needs glass.


    Psalm 24:3 Who may ascend the mountain of the LORD? Who may …

    Doogie Howser, M.D. (TV Series 1989–1993)

    Corky ‘Life Goes On’ tv (1989–1993)

    Jan 15, 2015 – Aficionados claim untested water is healthier than tap water. … A growing number of people are trekking to Lynn Headwaters Park, in North Vancouver, B.C., to fill up jugs of fresh spring water from a pool at the bottom of a steep slope. … Aficionados say spring water is chlorine free …

  3. Orlando has dyslexia. He won’t believe in kingdom of heaven until he is cured. without the stupid glasses or the colored paper

  4. They haven’t learned anything about what motivates or shames these shooters. Elliot Rodger was “Walking on Sunshine” like Patrick Bateman in American Psycho. American media mindfuck.

    everyone is trying to prove they are alpha and get their groupies by trying to beat breivik’s high score.

  5. Priests are gonna call G.I. Joe the devil for that flower Riot.


    Lyrics to “Legend” song by NELLY FURTADO: He wants to be, he wants to be, with everything under the sun … You wanted to be Romeo so low at my window



    Feeling of great happiness that results from being enlightened by one’s own intelligence. A phony God’s blessing does not result in euphoria.
    “In this moment, I am euphoric. Not because of any phony god’s blessing. But because, I am enlightened by my intelligence.” -Aalewis

    #euphoria #euphoric #ephoric #euporia #euphorc #happiness
    by zerk1337 April 16, 2013


    WTF do these women think? That this Koresh Part II?

    Madonna doing the wedding of the lamb hump.

    These women think I’ve been just out fracking whores in the club when it’s just been “Pink” you and your hand. I looked into her eyes Farrah. I saw what she saw on the televitz. She said I’m going places Doogie Howser and you aren’t. Fight the Power Corky until you can cure me then come back.

  7. Lyrics – Garbage- “#1 Crush” Lyrics … Take the cross for you


    Lamentations 3:45 You have discarded us as refuse and garbage among the nations

  8. The legend says that King Dmitar Zvonimir cursed Croats after they killed him such that they would never again have a ruler of their own blood.


    To show their discontentment, Le Zbor featured at an event named ‘love your neighbor’, which was organised by Zagrab pride. The event started off as fairly easy-going, yet ended up taking a turn for the worst. ‘We found ourselves surrounded by hooligans dressed in black, who were holding their fists up and shouting ‘death to fags!’

    So what kind of tolerance is “Masonic Tolerance”? …. true Freemason will show tolerance by respect for the opinions of others and behave with kindness and …

  9. These kids are getting trained for war on the football field not with guns. Make Israel look like garbage. War is over. Stupid Croatians. “Queen” We are the champions. They still think they are pawns.


    Lady of Sinj, believed to have saved its citizens several times from the Turkish … remains of the oldest Croatian sanctuary to Mary, built by the Croatian queen …

    Why do you think FIFA keeps making us play these Turks? The draws aren’t random they are rigged for Political reasons. Third time against turkey. Vanity cost them the game. Fixing his hair instead of watching the ball.

  10. Farrah thinks Lucifer is her sister’s guardian angel because of this kabbalah poop. Lucifer the good is what they teach. Rihanna knows what guardian angel I am. She was high on natural narcissistic supply ecstasy at the billboard awards.


    Farrah’s sister get’s world on a string cuz she has brainz. Held my hand and wouldn’t let go cuz she believed i could cure Michael Moore’s sickos. She saw a champ and I saw stars when we looked into each others eyes. You are blind if you can’t see we are running the NWO. Pinko wants to run it. I’m not carrying this weight forever. One world weed republic alien ant farm. we run it then the rest of you see if you can run it. Everyone thinks they can run it without learning from the Poglavnik’s example. Takes brains. That’s what zombie jesus is attracted too. BRAINZ!

  11. “I’m Your Pusher”
    (vocals by Pimpin’ Rex)


    Yo,it’s time for me to pump the volume
    No problem,the record’s revolvin’
    Evil’s the mixer,I’m the rap trixister
    Paparazzi on the bum rush for pictures
    Ice,coolin’,yo colder than ever
    Punk executioner E pull the lever
    Rotate the wax tehn cut an’axe the tracks
    Push up the levels till the red lights max
    Don’t try to size up,you better wise up
    To the rap criminals,we’re succeeded
    Dope beats and lyrics,no beepers needed
    For this drug deal,I’m the big wheel
    The dope I’m sellin’,you don’t smoke,you feel
    Out on the dance floor,on my world tour
    I’m sellin’ dope in each and every record store
    I’m the king pin when the wax spins
    Crack or smack will take you to a sure end
    You don’t need it,just throw that stuff away
    You wanna get high?Let the record play

    Mc Ice t
    I’m your pusher

    I know you’re lovin’ this drugs as it’s comin’ out your speaker
    Bass thru the bottons,highs thru the tweeters
    But this base you don’t need a pipe
    Just a tempo to keep your hype
    Groovin’ like I see you doin’
    Some stupid crack would just ruin
    Your natural high,why?..that ain’t fly
    And anyone who says it is,lies
    Move like I knew you would,like I knew could
    And if you ain’t cracked out,then I know you should
    Be able to give me a clap,to match exact with the track
    And since I know that you ain’t,I expect that
    Oh now this jam is lit,it’s like the ultimate
    People high off dope but still physically fit
    I’ll make a million bucks,pack my dough in trucks
    From sellin’ dope beats,dope rhymes,dope cuts
    I’ll be the biggest dope dealer in history
    Because all the fly will be high off that Ice-T

    I’m your pusher

    I’m bring it to boil,Evil E rock it up
    You want it?..I don’t think you got enough
    Last suckers crossed,Syndicate shot’em up
    Cops found’em in the lake bottom up
    I don’t play when it comes to my dope
    I check my lyrics close,like with a microscope
    I don’t clean’em up with no ivory soap
    I leave’em hard and pure,hope that you can cope
    Because you might O.D. if you overdrive
    This record,tape or CD,because the sound I’ve
    Created on this wax is like a chemical
    And the knowledge I give,makes me invincible

    I’m your pusher

    The cops don’t know what to do,because my dope breaks thru
    No matter what they do,my stuff gets to you
    Kickin’ on the Boulevard,my tempo’s hyped and hard
    I don’t ask,the ICE just bogards
    Sire Records puts me out,with Warner Bros. clout
    My dope hits the streets with no doubt
    Evil E adds the cut,then removes it
    IZ checks for purity,then approves it
    And then you get it,try it,and like it
    And if it ain’t potent,we remix and spike it
    To bring you the pure dope,not a noose in a rope
    Because if you’re doin’ crack,you’re on death row
    You’re just a toy punk,to mess with that junk
    You want some real dope,come look in my trunk
    The dope I’m sellin’ is life,100% legit
    So get real fool,and try some real hit

    MC Ice t
    I’m your pusher
    I’m your pusher

  12. Mel Gibson On Joe Ezsterhas’ ‘Maccabee’ Script: ‘Really Bad …


    My Lethal Weapon’s my mind! … Martin Luther’s “dream”, to Hitler’s psycho rage What’s more powerful – the brain or a twelve gauge?

  13. VGH psychiatric inpatient unit… has anyone ever stayed there? – Reddit



    Dawn was bossy, domineering and conceited, earning the contempt of most people in her school. She was also shown to be somewhat lacking in intelligence, despite often describing herself as a genius. Ironically, for all her haughty attitude and self-proclaimed superiority, Dawn seemed to be deeply insecure and to long for approval and acceptance among her peers, making her something of a tragic villain. All these are traits of a narcissistic personality disorder.

  14. The bird never bragged once about skipping two grades or getting accepted into the ivy league and not being able to afford it. Isn’t afraid to wear nerd glasses and read the revenge of the nerds fraternity rituals. That’s alpha and omega.

  15. “Save Me” is a song by American alternative rock band Remy Zero. Taken from their album The Golden Hum, it reached #27 on the United States Billboard Modern Rock Charts, and acted as the theme song for the Superman-based television series Smallville …


    Bill Vander Zalm reveals that Li Ka-shing wanted Fantasy Gardens … According to Vander Zalm, he visited the home of Social Credit leadership …

    he got out of prison, he was allegedly soon back to his swindling ways. …. the Chinese local media described as “China’s biggest stock scandal.”.

    Highlights of the Protocols of the Meetings of the Learned Elders … speculations transfer into our hands all the money of the world – the law and …

    China girl lost all her money to the Jew bankers. All that sweat labor got swindled.

  16. L. Ron Hubbard discovered the single source of nightmares, unreasonable fears, upsets, insecurities and psychosomatic illness—the reactive mind. In his book …


    ‘China’s stock markets are broken’ like Lana Lang’s back:


    Breathe with me
    Breathe the pressure
    Come play my game
    I’ll test ya
    Psycho-somatic addict-insane
    Come play my game
    Inhale inhale. You’re the victim
    Come play my game
    Exhale exhale exhale

  17. Joan Osborne: what if god was one of us?, just a slob like one of us?, … show all songs from the album Relish [1995]

    Seats at the front of the bus are priority seating for people with disabilities and …


    Mercury: [talking to a elderly Chinese man] Hey chopsticks, that’s your daughter? Real pretty lookin’ chink! ha-ha
    Tony: Shut the frack up Mercury!
    Mercury: What?
    Tony: You heard what I said. Shut the frack up.
    Mercury: Hey, you don’t like it you go over to the ‘chink’ booth. How about that?
    Tony: They ain’t ‘chinks’, they’re people man.
    Mercury: They’re people huh? Then why don’t you take a look and see what these “people” did to your family store, how about that?
    Tony: And what “people” did this to my brother?
    Mercury: Hey Alby! What’s this kid whacked on? Somebody better talk to him.
    Tony: Who? Somebody like you?
    Mercury: What is this?
    Tony: Don’t look at my brother! I’m talking to you!
    Mercury: You making a big mistake , little boy.
    Tony: That’s okay you fracking piece of poop!
    Alby: [Mercury starts to manhandle Tony and Alby breaks it up] Hey! hey! What is wrong with you?
    Mercury: Hey ,I’m alright. take him home! Take “Ghandi” home! Take this “chink” lover home! Go Ahead! Put him to bed. Goodnight “Ghandi”!

  18. Croatia’s Luka Modric finds fans’ expectations of him ‘unrealistic’
    ‘They [fans] expect from him miracles,’ says Vedran Corluka


    Appeal Of ’50 Shades Of Grey’: Why Women Are Attracted To Dominant Men … being held by more than one third of female riders: “50 Shades of Grey.” … and dominance over other males indicates stronger genetic fitness.”.

  19. Superman: I like pink very much, Lois.

    Hear that synagogue of satan running? running? Jacob Rothschild knows if he travels to the states he’ll get shot like Jo Cox in British Parliament. What is this California Uber Alles stuff? You know you are fracking with BC. 1/3rd of humanity is gonna collapse and die. I’m listening to my “Body Count” torrent avoiding the poisonous mdconalds ice tea

  20. Christina Aguilera: Hillary ‘stared’ at my chest!


    Cathy O’Brien revealed about Hillary Clinton and other top White House officials sexual abusing her and other female MKUltra child victims.

    She said, “Hello, hey Joe You wanna give it a go?”

    Gigolo Joe: Love Machine…
    A wonderful character sketch: Joe muses on his life Rating PG-13 * … Various dreams, rantings and ramblings about the titanium sex-god called Joe Rating: PG-13 … a young woman tries to show Joe, the lover bot, that not all Orga are evil and …

  21. Soon after the terrorist attacks of 9/11, letters laced with anthrax began appearing in the U.S. mail. Five Americans were killed and 17 were sickened in what …Celebrities Cautious With Fan Mail – Washington Post…bird probably burned the rosary i sent instead of using it to protect from car accidents

    Lyrics to “Indians” song by ANTHRAX: We all see black and white When it comes to someone else’s fight No one ever gets … Cry, Cry, Cry for the Indians


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