Terminator Stops Kyle Reese’s White Knighting

Genisys White Knight

The Terminator stops Kyle Reese’s white knighting by knocking him out as he tries to rescue Sarah. Sarah no longer needs to be rescued. Kyle needed to be rescued. Is this gonna be the new action movie trope? Always the strong female lead rescuing the guy? The first Terminator was a far better and more Feminist film than this. Sarah gave the terminator the killing blow in the first terminator. Kyle and Sarah’s love child is a robot monster and not leader of the resistance in this fractured timeline. WTF Ahnold?

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3 thoughts on “Terminator Stops Kyle Reese’s White Knighting

  1. Arnold is the robotic, transhumanist, genderless state working to train women for combat. The state is the ultimate alpha male.

  2. This gender war has been building. You have to choose wether you are a white knight mangina or a PUA. Take the red pill and go your own way that is the only sane choice.

  3. Sarah rescues Kyle. Women expect men to rescue them from poverty. It’s not romantic when a woman rescues a man from a dire situation like poverty. We always see rich man poor woman rarely do we see rich woman poor man.


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