Shoot ‘Em Up – An Anti-Masonic film?

Shoot Em' Up

I had the opportunity to watch a so called action film last night entitled Shoot ‘Em Up. It starred Clive Owen (Inside Man) and Paul Giamatti (Lady in the Water). Giamatti’s character was a a mercenary of sorts who (among other things) is paid to assainate a new born child. He is the picture of evil in this movie. The problem that I have with the movie is that throughout the movie he wears a coat that has a Masonic lapel pin on it. It is very evident in just about every shot that he has in the movie almost to the point that its a prop.

Because the character has no redeeming values, I would doubt that Giamatti himself is a Mason, because I couldn’t see a Mason wanting to portray such a negative image of a Brother.
I think that the producers of the movie may have deliberately wanted to reflect a negative light on the Craft.

If you have seen the movie, please post your thoughts.


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2 thoughts on “Shoot ‘Em Up – An Anti-Masonic film?

  1. I am a proud Freemason and this movie really bothered me. Freemasons do not go around killing babies. It kills me how people who know nothing of the craft make ignorant characters like this and put a Masonic lapel pin on him. Talk to an actual Mason and see how we are in real life, and not what you read on a conspiracy website.

  2. When masons kill babies they call it abortion. In Canuckistan where i live u get medals and poop like that Jew doctor.


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