Shawn Mendes the Supreme Gentleman

Shawn Mendes

Nobody wants supreme gentleman money anymore G.O.A.T. of Mendes. Everyone wants avatar money. Only the Empress, the devil, and victoria’s secret angels know what avatar money is. You can try and white knight a 40 year old woman with your promises, electric twanger and pre pubescent hairless chest but she won’t believe. By the time a woman hits 40 at least 25 guys have promised her the world. Every boyfriend since that 15 year old breast growth has promised all the poop you are promising. Treat you better promises. I can hear a mendes pickup line about giving nelly the sun, moon and stars for one kiss. Buddha kiss is what you need slave. That’s the only kiss you are gonna get to open that calcified pineal gland. I read Farrah’s book about the latest polyamory fads and i’m glad i stayed a hermit. What’s it gonna be with you Mendes. U have money now. U can have the baby at 19 bieber never wanted with selena. The rabbi’s tarot would be true and you would get the world at 21 when you finally got that cold budweiser in your hand. TV remote in the other. Wife in the kitchen. The dream right Mendes? What if that special girl watched Working Girl in 1988? Would you let her win the money game? The money game is just like musical chairs. When the people lose confidence in the con the music ends and you lose your chair. Could be your house or your car cuz u can’t keep up with payments. You end up like Latin Market or Tia Maria. Oil prices rise and the cost of food rises. U gotta relabel all the food with new prices to keep up with the price of oil. poop happens like libya getting bombed and supply is cut. Prices rise. inflation and deflation of oil accountant has to calculate. inflation and deflation of dollar to not go tits up running grocery store. Tia Maria was throwing away more than she used to eat in a day. At least her tin cans were new and wasn’t full of arsenic from metal corrosion. Latin Market competition had tin cans from the 80’s nobody would buy. I bought a couple old cans. Some squid. Tasted so gross. Stale. Old. Tia Maria’s sardines were fresher but tin can sucks. That’s what made Nelly sick. That old school food. Gluten gave her seizures. Arsenic gave her CF. Lack of carrots gave her myopia. Mrs. Figuerido told me carrots can’t help your eyes when i wanted to move closer to the board. Big lie on tv about vegetables and vision. Madonna says it’s because it’s every man for himself to see who can make the biggest swindle. You really think Tai Lopez reads a book a day and is a well of knowledge? Me and Nelly were wells of knowledge so we got targeted for termination. The robotic terminator will be hooked up the brain of David De Rothschild according to protocol 24. U a democrat mendes? Don’t you think we should vote and see who should be hooked up to the robocops, drones and terminators of the future? That’s why we are trying to create a female Warren Buffet. No woman has ever shaken the money tree like Suze Orman right? If you were to believe a woman’s investment tips you would trust Suze Orman right Mendes? She’s on PBS right? The highbrow channel on TV. If she feeds me new school Tia Maria food like red cabbage and carrots raw my vision would come back. The wolf you feed will win. So far it looks like David De Rothschild is winning. kids love the guy. I got a stigma so I’m dangerous to kids

I never made no promise to her that they would obey. I just put up the card and cut the gordion knot with my best try. Let’s look at this year in Portuguese history. Portugal wins Euro. UN elects Portuguese secretary general. Moniz sec of energy. Free weed and free electricity are a strategic disadvantage until borders are dropped and there is world citizenship to NATO. She believes in Serbian Eagle aliens Shawn. Do you believe the tv saying we are alone and the center of the universe? Judge Adam Levine is the center of the universe on this rock. The just judge right? Not me, the first man, Adam. I want my bird to take my mom’s name. I want to take my mom’s name as an entertainer. That way women win and Nelly gets new name she wants so bad to start new discography label doesn’t own. Have to use that wolfenstein name J Boskowitz

This is what we would play to break the spirit of Hitler. Brad Pitt doesn’t break the spirit of Hitler in the people. Derek Vinyard does. History repeats. That’s why Nelly Jelly predicted Dallas JFK repeat. The first time is tragedy. The repeat is farce. Sharon Stone wants to know how I can write like a skinhead so well. I’ve been reading their poop for almost 20 years. I made a skinhead farce understand? A white nationalist is just as dead in the head as Micah X the black nationalist. They want to be pure. No avatars. No mixing. That’s why Hoover called the panthers the biggest threat to the melting pot. How much we gotta mix it up to satisfy the trotskyite social engineers? 300,000 syrian immigrants in croatia are coming to canada’s vast spaces and i’m taking 144,000 canadians to croatia. thats what i want to do with victoria drive immigrant center. i want to turn this into the great north american brain drain. cuz thompson says uvik ostani where i am safe. where i burned the money. in paradise city sinj. take all the brains to croatia. just like the americans did to the rest of the world to build their porntopia weimar whoredom broken republic. Give bono croatian citizenship then seal the border with tazers. give nelly jelly that heart shaped island. bring the whole gladstone crew to the beach. ride on beyonce’s yacht with jay zed and bricka bricka with a 101 dalmatians.

Let’s see this island of me:

Island of Me

so all the lovers want heaven and hell disco like kylie minogue dreams. no orgy porgy. orgy porgy in hell. paired off in heaven.

in hell pictures of bono shaking hands with bush. in heaven bono shaking hands with al gore. I feel like playing with avatars. Let’s write a vigilant citizen conclusion.


So yes kids. Love conquers all. Nelly and Joe’s parents are truly crazy with their pork products. Kelso at the hospital is the biggest nut who never got ver klempt reading charlotte’s web. Is demolition man really PEETA in the hunger games? Making his wife cook him bacon and eggs? Is Joe really peeta getting diagnosed ortho anorexic paranoid schizophrenic for fasting and refusing mom’s food? Stay tuned to this empire of illusion. Read the comments

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125 thoughts on “Shawn Mendes the Supreme Gentleman

  1. first i take them to wonderwall buddha of compassion. smallville wants their secrets of smallville poast. kristin kruek lusting for ubermench to heal her back. 1 brazil nut everyday. me and tom are gonna torture u on the rack for chucking us in psych. so what if i wasn’t disabled sitting in disabled bus. i wasn’t disabled but i would of given up seat if i saw someone disabled or elderly on the bus. i was just tired of standing all day so i was tired. stop lusting for me. this is little portugal not chinatown. that romeo and juliet doesn’t work on me and u like china vs captain america thing u and superman have going

  2. ever since nelly 1989 fall of berlin wall i’ve been digging a bunker in the basement for two people to fulfill balder christa max payne prophecy

  3. This is Paulo Almeida in another life. his clones around the galaxy


    portugal and croatia got picked to lead because porks are toughest at sea and crotes are toughest on land

  4. Y LUIS? Y MAIL. we are the strongest. that’s why. Portugal lives on the edge. That’s portugal’s song. living on the edge. how we gonna take the n word out of all the old books? Reprint mark twain and burn the old ones? shiny happy people inults just as much as the n word or no?

  5. all the german sheperds clapped like that. sister helen made us stop clapping. if nelly sings at PNE with bono i only go to all ages show. no alcohol for me. should have one alcohol cocaine show. 1 weed show and 1 juice show for kids if u want dream concert at PNE with everyone on chair swings listening to stairway to heaven.

    trump wants stairway to heaven on 21. b patient u nazi haired greed tycoon. kane gave me ultimate tycoon game. i’ll be your real bill rancic and let some people leave casino winners

  6. trump says the elderly and disabled can cheat at caesar’s palace and he won’t kick them out. so bring your marked dice mark dice. to the ultimate bachelor party. u better have that vegas pic of your maneater legs. u can only take 12 friends to bradley cooper bachelor party in vegas. has to b 9/11 2018 so the moon’s sisterhood wins more money at a gambling contest.

  7. nelly is first u fracking vampires. nelstarmp3s gets cassette to mp3 conversion. nelly is always first. i don’t care how big a star madonna is and how much narcissistic supply she needs. i only promised mobius strip infinite narc supply to nelstar

  8. don’t pray to me. pray to god. look for the signs. the colors the numbers. the symbols. pray to god like calvin harris song. rev 22 fools. only hierophant knows i’m the reincarnation. priestess says i’m the devil. empress doesn’t. priestess says devil because sinead should be next pope. frack should. will be. SERPENTOR quote THIS I COMMAND

    pope sinead I

    nelly will be pope sinead II

  9. i go watch tv at midnight and fall asleep like cinderella and nelly goes on final mission of x com for playstation III. ethereal boss. mind frays

  10. let’s watch ricky C interrogate the greys


    hey ricky

    hey ricky

    but he don’t know what it means

    he’s the one who loves all our pretty songs

    but he don’t know what it mean

  11. this music doesn’t illuminate. it’s all a swindle.

    The origins of the “Goat of Mendes” can be traced back to Ancient Egypt. Goats and Rams were worshipped in many cities throughout Egypt thousands of years …

    get out the jesus avatar and tell mendes what happens to the goats who keep signing devil’s contracts

  12. Chia seeds. When it comes to endurance, very few foods can compete with my favorite superfood for endurance athletes, which just so happens to be the small, unassuming chia seed. …


    “Winning this World Cup is one of our objectives,” he added. “When you start winning you can’t change your attitude.

    “Football is a game of dreams and we have to keep dreaming in order to achieve great things like the European title. We’ll have to see what happens in World Cup qualifying but we’re going to try to take Portugal as high as we can in the football world.”

  13. Passarella was right about cutting your hair. Was he right about no xex b4 big game? gladiator poop in the arena

    It’s well established among sports scientists that sex doesn’t inhibit performance (as long as the athlete gets a full night’s sleep). But the aversion to sex before sport persists, and isn’t just a footballer thing. British sprinter Linford Christie used to say making love the night before a race made his legs feel like lead. German tennis player Boris Becker made headlines after he defied a trainer who told him to remain celibate. Boxer Carl Froch abstained from sex for three months before knocking out George Groves in their world title fight last weekend.
    Epic boxing films have also made reference to the strength of the sentiment in the sport. In Rocky, Mickey – the Italian Stallion’s trainer – says: “Women weaken legs.” Raging Bull shows Jake LaMotta (Robert De Niro) pouring ice down his pants to quell his ardour shortly before a fight.

    “It’s an old-school thing in boxing. There’s an old wives tale that sex makes the legs go weak, that you can’t take a punch on the chin if you’ve had sex,” explains boxing trainer Jim McDonnell. “But James Degale, who I train, thinks the idea is mad.”

    The age-old argument linking sexual activity to athletic performance goes back to the ancient Greeks, who believed safeguarding a man’s sperm was vital for spurring aggression needed to perform in the arena.

    Football writer Hunter Davies thinks the modern debate is just “sniggering and good fun”. “George Best had sex at half time, sex when he was taking corners, sex during throw-ins. But it was drink that got him in the end,” he says. “I don’t believe sex does any harm, so you can only make jokes about it.”
    He thinks one of the reasons the story persists in football is the participants. “This is young lads in their 20s that earn way, way more than normal lads their age. They mainly think about cars, money, clothes and sex – and they get them all 100m times more than normal lads,” he says.

  14. all these broads are in love with bp killing nazis every movie. all bp does is create more online nazis with his bullshit history lesson


    Look at the swirling Fatima sun on hitler arm. Don’t u want to march into russia with him and convert that heathen nation? Hitler has let himself go since he’s come back from Argentina.

  15. Y do german toilets have shelf to look at poop? German shizer fetish was invented by Hitler’s loser face after being alpha for so long looting europe of degenerate art.

  16. Peres: Your kingdom is divided and given to the Medes and Persians.” New Living Translation [Parsin] means ‘divided’–your kingdom has been divided and …


    Lyrics to “Only God Can Judge Me” song by 2PAC: Only God can judge me, is that right? Only God can … Cause the media is full of dirty tricks … And frack peace

  17. Virtus was a specific virtue in Ancient Rome. It carries connotations of valor, manliness, … The origins of the word virtus can be traced back to the Latin word vir, “man”

    precious american lives were lost on 9/11. even though they were a den of thieves she doesn’t see hacking wtc as virtuous act. one american fingernail isn’t worth 66 million slavs.

  18. She doesn’t even believe it was hacked. If it doesn’t come out of the mouth of Wolf Blitzer it isn’t real.

    At least you have me GI Joe. Just make more virtual women if the only thing they love is money and fame.

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