Prodigy: Jay-Z “Sides With Evil”

Prodigy Mobb Deep

The HNIC still has a bone to pick with Jay-Z, but this time, the issue has nothing to do with music, as Prodigy laid out some astonishing newallegations about Mr. Carter.

J.Z. [sic] knows the truth, but he chose sides with evil in order to be accepted in the corporate world, Prodigy writes. J.Z. conceals the truth from the black community and the world and promotes the lifestyle of the beast instead.

Prodigys latest issue with Jay-Z stems from the work of Dr. Malachi Z. York and his son, Jacob York. Prodigy alleges that Jay-Z is affiliated with Jacob, who orchestrated the set up and incarceration of the elder York.

Read the letter in its entirety

Prodigy Letter

Prodigy Letter

Prodigy Letter

Prodigy Letter

Prodigy Letter

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6 thoughts on “Prodigy: Jay-Z “Sides With Evil”

  1. Thank you for putting this letter up! Prodigy is basically risking his life writing the truth and doing whatever possible to spread the word.

    & @Derek: you may want to elaborate on your comment because it can come across as extremely and unnecessarily racist, which would defeat the purpose if you didn’t mean for it to come out that way. #justathought đŸ˜‰

  2. Don’t worry baby they Jay, uh, HOE VA( gina) is just franken furter just worsem and poop. Irritating as hell. I uh researched no death connected to him but his own and his family. That’s he sold his sold but it wasn’t cheap to the powers that be to do a live Rocky Horror. It’s others that we have to worry about. There is an odd thing an Africa with twins in Nigeria. I have twins Jay is a male one, Kanye, Beyonce, Barack, And about 20 others and we feed. For the most part we are unaware Jay is directly channeling from his twins without their permission for music ideas. David Bowie too. Yeah, I’m tricking. You can’t just feed off one person like that. It’s like cocaine energy and it’s being fed to the public making people energy junkies. If they can’t get it from tv then they will get it chemically. and thats the secret to Rocky horror. Some people can feed many at once like me. I feed Jay, some call it a starseed of conciousness. Maybe we are genies of conciousness but, when they started picking with me as soon as they left you I researched them until I understood our relationship. Hint: all roads lead to rome jay is a side affect or sympton not the problem. There are different people on earth that feed other people psychically, rythm, picture ideas or animation, poetry, words, inspiration, fighting techniques, wisdom, business ideas, like the old pantheon of gods in old religions. I am one that feeds music and graffiti like pictures. I’m mostly music but my twin is pictures. Jay z want’s to corner it for himself. He was doing the same to u. U need to find out what he s stealing. It belongs to everyone in the world not just him. Just because he no longer talks to you don’t mean he isn’t still there, you two are part of each other which means I am part of you. I found you through him spiritually today by just typing into google jay and my name which usually give accurate leads it lead me to you. You are the end of my story in this i think.

  3. Oh, I’m back, you provide fighting skills, and you have 2 twins. Two relatives like brothers, uncle, nephew or cousin whom were born within the same year as you. They are your twins. And usually they will feed from all three. They have to. They need all three to get your full essence. You may be the only one they harass though, don’t want you to have other people to talk your problems over. the three of you probably represent something like art of war and they use that for their music and movies. and way more than Jay z is downloading from you. So download from them for free when you can. try to free yourself logically from religion particularly fear of devil and death. They love it if you fear those two they are gonna drive u insane. Theres jesus guilt too. Don’t give them the satisfaction. They will comment like they will kill you, then later convince you to believe that you are an important servant of god. Bullshit. That’s how they bug u.

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