Open Letter To Dr. Wahan Wanis

Wahan Wanis

What are you gonna tell me this time Wanis? Why did I get 30 days for mentioning the Protocols of Zion? Are you a Jew? I’m a Jew Wanis. I wish we did a better job on the Armenian holocaust. It’s too bad people like you and Kim Kardashian are still alive. The protocols are free to read online. I suggest you look them over because you don’t believe there is a conspiracy. I think you are psychoinfantile. Too much television watching. You also have a God complex, like most doctors. Does Goldcorp have enough gold in the Goldcorp building? After this crash you are gonna have new depressed customers for your quack drugs. You are nothing more than a drug dealing quack. I want nothing more to do with you. You disgust me.

Pay attention to the swindle Wanis. You’re digging for gold in the Goldcorp building trying to make me a customer for your drugs. Anyone with half a brain and an internet connection can see what a fraud Psychiatry is.

If you want to speak to me I’ll be online. I’m taking a vow of silence like the ninja in G.I. Joe.

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