New Age Rosary

New Age Rosary

New Age Rosaries with demonic symbols have appeared at apparition sites throughout the world and in most cases are given away for free. They are made from white, pink, and blue plastic, and stamped as having been made in Italy. Since they are available at places of pilgrimage it makes Catholics automatically think they are fine to use.

These rosaries are considered New Age due to their demonic symbolism. For example, if you look closely behind the figure of Christ there is a caduceus, which is an upright pole, representing mediation between Heaven and earth. This pole is an ancient herald’s wand that was carried by messenger gods like Hermes or Mercury. The rod is also a divining rod to measure the earth and its energies of power.

Satan is shown behind the figure of Christ and is depicted by a coiled serpent, which represents latent power, concealed but not yet fully manifest, a dormant power. It may also represent to Satanists that the devil is Co-Messianic, Redeemer and Mediator with Christ. The circles on the crucifix are from Egyptian Graeco-Roman, Phoenician, Baal symbols called the Pentagram, which is a major occult sign.

The pentagrams have five points, which represent spirit, fire, earth, water, and air. The pentagram at the bottom is upside down and represents the devil’s goat. The four circles with dots in the center signify gold or the sun in alchemy.

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