Nelly Furtado: Singing for the Illuminati

Nelly Furtado Illuminati

Nelly Furtado started singing under the Dreamworks label that is owned by B’nai B’rith Jews like Spielberg, Katzenberg and Geffen. She must of wondered why they insisted on the logo. You can see it has a hidden 666. Today she sings for the Bronfmans who own Vivendi Universal. The Bronfman family are the Jewish Illuminati family that runs Canada. I think she’s found out, like many other musicians, that signing with a label is literally a deal with the devil.

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11 thoughts on “Nelly Furtado: Singing for the Illuminati

  1. wowowowwow so she is another illuminati broad…
    these music indutry basterds want nothing and go to any far selling their sols even jsut for fame ,money.,…..!!!

  2. You guys are so retarded. Go get scared for something real manipulated… like your visions of evil in everything.

  3. mane i like her music very well especially “say it right” damn lol ogh nelly what are u thinkin dumb illiterate stupid jewish broad! she need dha go to hell anyways! frack her make beyonce jayz and soulja burn in hell stupid ass smh

  4. wat i have 2 say is dat d only person am sorry 4 is MICHEAL JACKSON.tings n time changes n everyting dat GOD says is revealing d last days n an goin 2 stp listening n watching those music vidoes wit d pple who worshipping dis BAPHOMATE with his stupid 666 n 322 signs.may u all burn in hell.n 4 u young folks out there who havent yet sell their soul 2 d devil dnt do it becuz of riches,GOD will provide.thank u out of here……………………

  5. Exception made for Ana, you people SERIOUSLY need to go back to grammar school. What the frack is the language used by kimi ?!! LOL
    I had to make a strong effort to read and understand this illiterate ebonics cyberbabble.

  6. I don’t think she designed it herself like she tells people. I’m sure the Jews insisted on the loops as they where “helping” her out with their critique.

  7. The Jews are scum and Bobby Fischer was right. Bobby Fischer was one of the greatest chess players to ever live with an IQ of 180. He was also Jewish.

    He realized chess was a pointless game though and directed his energy towards exposing the lies of the Jewish tribe. Their corruption, evil, and violence is unparalleled. Bobby was once referred to as a genius but once he spoke out against those who you cannot criticize – the Jews and their puppets – he was thrown into the “mentally unstable” paradigm and was marketed as a nutjob.

    Fischer was an amazingly intelligent and kind man who realized that the Jews are evil. His spirit lives on in me, someone who was also unfortunately raised Jewish.

    Judaism is more of a race than a religion but it’s supremacist aspect is the religious component to the race, the Jews.

    It will be time eventually to expel and liekly exterminate the Jews responsible for te slavery of mankind and destruction of planet Earth. This is of course if the Jews don’t throw a hissy fit and use the Jewnited States of America to blow up the planet.

    Enjoy hell shiny happy person faggots. You pussies are too busy with bullshit to care about anything real. To hell with ZOG and all of it’s followers. Also frack shiny happy people, Sand shiny happy people, spics, and all inferior “humans”. You’re all incapable of achieving anything white people have. This is coming from a Jew too who could point to the myriad of Jewish “accomplishments” done but no, I’m no fool, and realize whites rule and without their generosity, all shiny happy people and muds would have died long ago.

    frack you all and good night. Enjoy your fluoridated water, poisoned food, Marxist school system, and most of all, the pending nuclear holocaust. I mean this from the bottom of my heart that I hope you al suffer the most exceuciating death possible and vomit out your anus. Enjoy watching Talmudvision in the meantime. PEACE.

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