Nelly Furtado is Paranoid About Depopulation


Here is an excerpt from Nelly Furtado’s sister’s book:

I will not become part of the New World [Order] they are planning, they will inevitably bring the world population down, but they won’t get me. I am wolf not a sheep with my eyes wide shut…

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104 thoughts on “Nelly Furtado is Paranoid About Depopulation

  1. My brother owes me some money. I’m going to Munich for a day or two to see my cousin. Then I’m going to see my other cousin in Croatia. I want to take a trip to Greece with him and see how they run their alternative currency. I’m gonna be there for the Spring and Summer.

    My cousin has a degree in economics. I know he’s been wracking his brain trying to figure out a way to revive the economy in our town. We’re gonna see how the Greek TEM works. My cousin used to be mayor of our town. He defended it during the war with the Serbs. Fucken peasants better listen to him.

    No nazi poop Derek. War is over. I’m not beating up any Chinese immigrants.

  2. Golden-Dawn-supporters-008.jpg

    You should go join Golden Dawn when you are in Greece and crush immigrants. Immigrants are a burden on the economy and the white man.

  3. Rallying around the flag isn’t going to fix the economy. Golden Dawn should be printing their own currency instead of goose stepping around.

    I’m using monopoly money as an hour based currency. Every kid there has a monopoly game so they can all issue their own hours. I’ve been looking at what Greece did with the TEM. The Greek TEM is pegged to the Euro. Every TEM is equal to one Euro.

    I bought 7 bricks of monopoly money off of ebay. It should be enough to get started. Every monopoly dollar will be pegged to the hourly minimum wage. There is nothing lacking in Croatia. There is stone to build. There is plenty of labor. The only thing lacking is money. I’m gonna put the Guernsey experiment to work in my town this spring.

    I’m not wasting my time protesting or marching with fascists/anarchists/communists it’s a waste of time.


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