Nelly Furtado Illuminati/Big Hoops Hidden Message


Hey everyone, i used to be a Nelly fan along time ago, and i heard her new song big hoops today in youtube (i like the song/video), and then i noticed that in the end there is some kind of hidden message so i decided to backward the song and here is the result…it says something like: Oh my god, descending to the thirteen floor, fourteen, fifteen, eleven floor…and it goes but i cant understan it.

Song backwards (3:14-3:54, just vocals. Listen clearly since sec 26)…hoMwpc31204329

Actually i watched her video and she uses the All seeig eye sign alot of times…you can see it from sec 20-32.

– Alexander

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2 thoughts on “Nelly Furtado Illuminati/Big Hoops Hidden Message

  1. Just heard her new song, Spirit Indestructible. Strange phrase in it: “Though they may take you away, they’ll never break you.” Very Very Very unnerving.

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