Minoriteam was an animated television series on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim. The pilot episode premiered on November 6, 2005, with new episodes included in the Sunday Line Up beginning March 19, 2006 and ending in July 2006. The show only lasted one season and was generally disliked by viewers, some calling it “the worst adult swim show ever.”

The White Shadow is the leader of this organization of supervillains which is named after him. He has a one-eyed golden helmet in the shape of the “Great Seal” pyramid on the U.S. one-dollar bill, what some have considered the Illuminati Pyramid.

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4 thoughts on “Minoriteam

  1. I think perhaps this “cartoon” struck a little too close to home.
    It was definatly an eye opener for anyone who knows anything about how the world really works. I found it amazing that it never got a second season and suspicious that you CANNOT find it on DVD. It’s as if someone
    somewhere was trying to suppress it. The message is not as “ethnic” or “racist” as it might first appear. “Stereo Types” are deliberatly used to make the entire point of the series. Some people say that they found it hard to follow the action. This is just another way of saying that the “dumbing down ” process is working better than the “White Shadow” had ever dared to hope. If you can find it on some “auction” websites or google the bittorrent, this show is worth the time to watch . It’s educational value if probably more important than the comedy.
    This show was really trying to wake up the “Sheeple” and i don’t think it got the bad ratings that the cartoon channel says it did. I think it was pulled becasue it told the truth.

  2. Minoriteam was definitely out to wake people up. One of the creators of the show, Adam de la Pena, spent a lot of time with Gary Busey. If you watch his show “I’m with Busey” which is also nearly impossible to find, you’ll notice the “crazy” Busey talks repeatedly about the subtle manipulation of the mind going on in society and how it relates to the New World Order.

    Both are very good shows with a lot more to say than is immediately recognized on the surface, good on you for being able to see the forest for the trees.

  3. At first when I saw one of the episodes and witnessed the pyramid with the eye I was like what the heck is this?! But as I was watching the show it did give a sense that there was a message being sent out to the people who were watching. Sad that it got canceled it’s still out there people just need to watch it and understand what’s happening out there and what’s soon to come which is nothing great lets all hope for the best we all have minds we can speak them very loudly.

  4. It’s funny how I just now saw the show and right away u notice dat eye n it kinda scared especially during one part of the show wen he says ima c u again in 2022 during new world order so…….. I’m just sayin maybe nw we have a date


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