Lady Gaga Comes Out of the Closet

Lady Gaga comes out of the closet for being a hermaphroditic girl born with ambiguous genitalia. I guess Gaga considers herself a monster so she calls herself “Mother Monster”. Baphomet was the original hermaphroditic God with the breasts of a woman and the penis of a man. The church considers hermaphrodites the ultimate abomination, a sentiment still shared by many today.

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5 thoughts on “Lady Gaga Comes Out of the Closet

  1. Gaga isn’t a transsexual. The chemicals in the water are turning males female and causing them to be born with ambiguous genitalia. Gaga seems to have an enlarged clitoris if you look at her dick pics.

  2. This fool better quit playing around with GOD! HE is not mocked!!!! Shes gonna pay for what shes doing.

  3. Lady Gaga is a woman very beautiful… very good articles that are in this blog, I am following this blog I find very interesting the subjects… thank you for sharing.


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