Kylo Ren the Beta Emperor

Kylo Ren Hitler

Kylo Ren isn’t handsome like Anakin and that was his downfall. Also he’s not the chosen one like Anakin. Not a virgin birth. He reminds me of Derek Vinyard. Derek is the beta version of Hitler. He dreams of his tiny little white Reich in the Pacific Northwest, but Yeezus’s daughter, North West, was born to fight his evil plans. As a black man I can tell you now, it’s not about race anymore, it’s about gender. Take the red pill and enter the manosphere. MRA’s, Manginas, White Knights, PUAS, MGTOW; these are words that should be in everbody’s lexicon.

Kylo Ren can only hope to be a beta version of Anakin Skywalker. Ren wants to play empire. First thing he has to learn about imperium is that swag is for boys imperium is for men. There are two types of empires: Empires of truth and empires of lies. Rome, USA and Vader’s empire are empires of lies. We await the empire of reason led by the real chosen one. I know he is out there. He is there somewhere on the manosphere. He could be Roosh V or Barbarosssa. He could be Mystery or Heartiste. The one will bring an end to this gender war in a stunning victory for men!

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7 thoughts on “Kylo Ren the Beta Emperor

  1. You’re worse than that shiny happy person sweeney. Why can’t I say shiny happy person? This is bullshit. This isn’t freedom of speech. What kind of a show you running joe?

  2. Don’t sell the men down the river for a woman Joe. Not even if she is a NAWALT unicorn. Lead the men to victory. It doesn’t bother me when Derek says shiny happy person. I hear it so much in the music.

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