Kelly Preston’s Sham Marriage

John Travolta - Staying Alive

On Charlie Sheen’s torpedo of truth tour it was revealed that Kelly Preston is into self mutilation because of her sham marriage to John Travolta. I’ve heard that Travolta was bisexual but I think now that he is older he prefers the tight male anus instead of loose vagina that has given birth.

Dr. Fishman told me that John also got fish fucked by his dance instructor when he was filming Staying Alive. Don’t put fish up your ass John! No matter how exquisite your dance instructor says it is after you missed rehearsal. It’s a trick!

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16 thoughts on “Kelly Preston’s Sham Marriage

  1. Getting fish fucked is a rite of passage we the chosen have been giving broadway prima donnas for decades. It is a lesson in punctuality. If you are late for rehearsal because you are sodomizing your dance partner we tell you how exquisite it is to shove a gold fish up your ass while you are performing a reach around.

    John Travolta was a fool to order the big goldfish since the scales on the fish only go one way. Doesn’t matter though, as long as it is a WIN for we the chosen. Our chosen proctologists performed the scale removal for a thoasand dollars an hour. WIN WIN WIN for we the chosen. As always!

    Shalom to the broadway spiderman!

  2. Fishman, next time you cross that bridge from San Fran into Oakland u r getting fish fucked u jew mothafukkka. I’m sick and tired of the crystal meth queer brigade complaining about fish scales stuck in their assholes when they buy my crystal meth. I’m putting a mothafukkkin’ lion fish up your ass Fishman with poisonous tentacles if your goddamn cousin Rueben doesn’t take out those fish scales at a reasonable price.

  3. FISHMAN! u r a dirty jew mothafukkka. I want to bust a cap in your kike ass but I make too much money off your crack habit fishman.

  4. Please Jimmy, be reasonable. I don’t want Esther to see that tape you made of me getting a blowjob from Yolanda in your New Jack City Oakland projects.

  5. Fishman, you sold your senile mother’s kidney you jew mothafukkka. U sell your senile mother’s blood to the blood bank. U r scum of the earth fishman. How many patients of yours have had mysterious “heart” attacks? b’nai bad breath motherfucker joel fishman.

  6. Hey Dr. Fishman, how do i revive a girl after she G holes? overdoses on GHB? How do I revive her after I’ve had my way with her? Shot of adrenaline to the heart like that John Travolta movie? how much for an adrenaline shot fishman?

  7. A motherfukkkin’ magic marker. To mark the spot where you stab her in the chest with the needle. Like the motherfukkkin’ John traVOLTa movie mothafukkka. a motherfukkkin magic marker nigga!

  8. Oh, a magic marker. What did travolta use to mark the girl’s chest an X or a spot? an X is like a cross in a way. Is it good for the Jews doctor Fisman if i use an x?

  9. No x’s are not good for the Jews. You might remember the rebellious southern states used an X. The swastika is also like an X. Not good for the Jews at all. When Jews came to ellis island in New York we would mark our names with an 0 not an x. 0 is good for the Jews X is not kosher.

  10. So Fishman what is “good” for the Jews? You Jews ruling the world with your chosen messiah from Israhell/Isitreal/Israel? That’s what the rabbis say the plan is.

  11. WININNG! That’s what its about goyim. As our chosen actor Charlie Sheen said. As long as he’s Jewish he wont’ be committed to a mental asylum. He can rant and rave like Mel Gibson about being Malibu’s messiah we don’t care. Right now our chosen messiah is David De Rothschild or Nathan Rothschild. Our chosen plan is to rule the goyim from streets paved with gold in Israel. Our chosen actors and musicians will visit constantly and genuflect before God’s chosen constantly. WIN WIN WIN like the Gulf wars. We loan you the money to be chosen bulletcatchers/leadfilters for we the chosen. Then we collect on the money you borrowed from us to buy our chosen weapons while the pipeline from Iraq goes right to Israel. WIN WIN WINNING!

    oy vey. I’m getting giddy just thinking about our winning ways. I’m giggling like a school girl at you stupid goyim schwartzers and mexcrement fighting our war in Iraq.

  12. How do I become a chosen bullet catcher Dr. Fishman? I want to move my mom out of the barrio so I’m gonna become a soldier when I’m 18. I’ll get a free education.

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