Joe’s Cracked Out Pipe Dream

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Joe's Pipe Dream

Joe’s neighborhood on the left. Joe is crazy to want something better. Some kind of junkie, crackhead.

Now a message to men’s rights acvitists and the Feminists who love them. Keep delivering that alaskan king crab to donald trump’s tower as you hump your sarah palin robot doll on the fishing boat men’s rights activists. nothing changes for this neighborhood or the great fishless world unless these women end gender war. do their gender reversal games at different jobs. you can win if you want to. What are you so afraid of? Do you think you could clean windows in a kilt for some gender war? that’s the gender reversal contest toronto demands. men in kilts bankrupt. now women in kilts is what i want to see. seeing bush as women clean skyscrapers would attract every man in the city. go dragon lady on dragons den. free the bush. make canada great again. dragon woman on dragon’s den thinks women will pay men in kilts to clean windows and hump horny housewives. canada’s capitalism is degrading. frack canadian telie vision.

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26 thoughts on “Joe’s Cracked Out Pipe Dream

  1. 10 Most Successful Inventions From The Dragon’s Den – TheRichest


    persian pari was supposed to turn bargain in2 dragon’s den lady haircut. true colors hair salon shut down bargain. if bargain doesn’t get her computer pad from mike soon. i’m gonna declare mike complete jew. buy her a decent pad like bellic’s mom mike. so she can play slots and poop and learn

  2. why did men in kilts fail? Y did u think women in kilts would fail? Women wouldn’t clean as fast as the men. men don’t clean fast

  3. gladstone would come to your concert if they could afford it. i would go to every concert i could if i could afford it. they want to catch u but they can’t afford it and it’s a bad trip with the alcohol. not like cult free all ages at the commodore with people stampeding the door

  4. The Cult Setlist of the concert at Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver, BC, Canada on October 23, 1994 from the Beauty is on the Streets Tour….was best concert commodore vancouver had

    prussian education set it all in motion. victoria’s secret test scores and the wall. they think i cheated on bubble tests

  5. Your mother was very permissive when my mother disowned me after “Risky Business”. It was only after transformers brainwashing made us steal that the bromance died. ned was so dissappointed in our new toy. he knew it was swindled and not made from an honest real estate weekly paper route dollar

  6. that’s what u r gonna wear nelly furtado and we’ll see if van buren boys can’t protect u in this city

    the rio games women’s olympic team wore the clark park gang colors so did bieber. being a clark parker is like george costanza seinfeld episode with van buren boys. u finally belong potatoe sisters if u can deliver on organic potatoes from latin market on 13th again like 1984 when pope john paul ii was going on about the culture of death. widowmaker safeway potatoes suck

  7. Clark Park


    Crack Park…I was never there dipstick. 15 schools in canada and the US with my military contractor father. I used a different name as I got my teeth straightened so your family never new. The psychlos at chimo house have detailed files on our adventures hardcore parcouring

  8. nelly furtado is gonna kick the bucket in the trash. that’s garbage fart tado. filth. cystic fibrosis is shizer. no bucket list. salo 1000 year forum on un webpage

  9. friendgirl michelle said cf is bullshit. that u r not gonna die. i would never take out insurance policy on your death. that’s why luis took signed black and white picture. u know i luv u and i wait for you phoenix bird. i just didnt want to be 38 years old never kissed a girl. i’ll talk to my mom about luic and she’ll let him come over again. luis’ dad and my dad ned have old school neighborhood wine drinker beef. he thinks his croatian wine is better. next year we get to smoke doobies with justin true doh and get out new beginning. luis has dream of 3 shows at pne next year. alcohol show and weed laser show and third all ages drug free show at PNE. i can protect u in mancouver bird. my gang dropouts will always have your back. so stop making fun of myn piple dreams

  10. luis doesn’t know about blogging trash or computer trash can. look at the trashcan on your screen luis. u r clued cuz u don’t use gates windows anymore. i put nelly furtado is gonna kick the bucket poast in the trash. that’s the only post that makes her mad so i erased it. a cancer patient hugged me for giving compassion club lighter? does that make me a hilton? i can’t stop girls from kissing my neck luis other than simplex bellic model lips treatment

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