Jay-Z Denies Illuminati Rumors

Jay Z - Do What Thou Wilt

Radio personality, Angie Martinez, recently questioned the rap superstar about the rumors, which he laughed them off.

“I don’t know where it came from, I don’t know where it started … NO, not me,” Jay said when asked if he added images deliberately in his music videos to mess with people. “No, never done that before. Why would I do that? That’s retarded.

“I can’t even get into a golf club in Palm Springs. I’m from Marcy Projects. Just think about that …” he added.

While Jay says the secret society rumors are funny, he admits that he believes, somewhat, in “cliques of friends” running world affairs. “I think there’s cliques of friends who control things,” he explained. “I don’t know if its a devil worshipping sec … I think that’s a little Tom Hanks. But, I believe there’s cliques of people who control the world. Like Jeezy’s my man, I got Atlanta. If I go down to Atlanta, I got that thing. When he come to Brooklyn, he got that thing. That’s just natural process. I’m sure Obama has his people who he’s good with. As far as how far people are taking it … I guess I’m an entertainer. People are entertained. That’s not my thing … People make up their own things, and just run with it.”

And just to clear the air about allegations that he worships the devil, Jay explained that he believes in one God, but not organized religion, and everything else you’re reading on gossip blogs are silly.

“To be honest with you. I really think it’s really silly,” he said. “For the record, I, of course, believe in God. I believe in one God. If people must know my religious belief, I believe in one God. I don’t believe in religion. I don’t believe in Christians or Muslims. I think all that separates people. I think it’s one God, I think it’s all the same God. I don’t believe in hell … Am I a part of some cult? That sounds stupid to me. That’s ignorant to even say. That’ll be the last time I address that.”

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6 thoughts on “Jay-Z Denies Illuminati Rumors

  1. This negro is straight up lying…of course if he comes out and says. yes world I am a freemason (satanist) peeps, well.. some would probably think twice about listening to his music. His job is to fool the public!

  2. Funny thing is that there is a picture of him wearing a sweater with quote “Do What Thou Wilt” in an article about him denying these rumours….


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