Florence & the Negro

It’s good to see Florence of Florence & the Machine has woken up to the animal shiny happy people out raping white women in Great Britain. She runs like a bat out of hell from that crazy Negro with the voodoo doll.

The shiny happy person wears a blonde wig trying to be white at the beginning. Florence is sleeping with her crystal skull, 13 of which will save the Earth from Apocalypse acccording to kike director, SS, STephen Spielbergo. What a joke. Nothing will save us from the apocalyptic race war Charles Manson prophecied of. Helter Skelter is coming. That shiny happy person will never be white playing with his voodoo doll. But you think Christianity is a superior religion?…NOT on your life. The only GOOD religion is WOTANISM racially aware comrades. Trust me on this.

Anyhow, where was I? Anyhow, the shiny happy person is wearing a blonde wig at the beginning then he chases FLorence down the street. There’s a big stink about how racist this video is. Joe keeps telling me its about Freemasonry but I don’t believe him. It’s about race. Everything boils down to race.

Anyways, Florence escapes back into the loving white arms of choirboys as she escaped her black assailant. Future White Nationalists those kids!

It’s nice not to be banned anymore Joe. I know you told me the black faced shiny happy person is Asian but wtf? Asian kid painted black? Why? I bet your gonna tell me exactly what this video is about.

Until next time racially aware comrades! 14/88

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13 thoughts on “Florence & the Negro

  1. The masons practice voodoo Derek. They bow at every altar because the light is the same as they say. Masons practice every religion. So you think the black man can’t get a blonde wife to match his blonde wig? He’s frustrated. How will he ever be rich in his newly adopted white country? The masonic judge will even look away if the Somali immigrant rapes a white woman. I’ll play along. I agree its about race. There you go.

    derek your writing is a revelation. you deserve that google adsense! This video was made by Icelanders. Icelanders are very racist. Iceland is the whitest country in Europe.

  2. You’re fracking with me. Tell me more about this video. Is her boyfriend a mason? She says the devil has blue eyes. The masons say all men will become brothers like the European anthem. Is that why they are shipping in all these fracking immigrants into white countries and ONLY white countries?

  3. Derek why can’t you forgive those blacks for killing your father. Didn’t your brother RIP say hate was baggage?

  4. Let me analyze this blackface video. The voodoo doll freemason is in fact asian painted black. Everyone wants to be blonde that’s why he’s wearing the wig? Or is the black creepy golum her boyfriend? The master race blonde haired blue eyed? Maybe he’s wearing incredible hulk pants because the nigga is angry. He can’t get the white woman florence? Nigga I don’t think this video is racist. They just wanted someone painted black like the masonic black and white floor.

    I think the man painted black is her freemason boyfriend. Nigga worships Jahbulon and poop like voodoo. A white person painted black is offensive. an asian painted black is just creepy looking.

  5. That second video you posted has an anti-semitic canard in it. It should be reported to the ADL immediatly. ABE! Where are you when we need you? I’m tired of people saying I want my pound of flesh and calling me a dirty shylock.

  6. Yes! Shylock isn’t a demon wanting his pound of flesh. Shylock is a victim of anti-Semitism. Shylock is gross anti-semitic caricature of a Jewish moneylender. Shakespeare should be banned.

  7. Oh no. Now we got these fucken Jews kvetching about anti-Semitism. Do you know who I am kike? I’m THE skinhead. See this swastika? It means NOT WELCOME!

    Fucken whining kikes. That second video is about the movie Eyes Wide Shut and the masked balls the elite likes to throw. It has nothing to do with you fucken crybaby kikes.

  8. They draw veves across the face of the planet with their putrid semen. Damned be the Illuminati Semenancers!

  9. A Veve or Vévé (also spelled beybey and vever) is a religious symbol commonly used in Haitian Vodou. It acts as a “beacon” for the loa (also spelled lwa) – a type of spirit, and will serve as a loa’s representation during rituals.

  10. Hate just produces more hate. If Yahushua hated us for our sins we would have never been saved. No one has the right to judge because we all have flaws, but we all have a duty to speak up and help our fellow man who needs help. Whether it is spiritual, financial, educational etc. Everyone living on this earth and who has died came from one set of parents. The Bible supports that. Science supports that you can get white from black (skin color wise), but not vise versa. People who have a darker pigment have more melanin in their skin compared to their white counterparts who have less melanin. That is also why when whites tend to stay out in the sun too long their skin starts to burn, while blacks do not have a severe reaction as a sunburn like whites. Either way staying out in the sun too long will cause harm to the skin. You personally cannot move on in your life if you carry the baggage of hate. Hate is a mindset that can lead you to sin. As in the case of Adam and Eve. Satan hated Yahweh so he lied to Eve for her to eat the fruit and with that sin came the downfall of humanity. Lastly, no one is perfect everyone needs to find redemption, and what happened to your father was horrible no doubt, but if you harbor ill feelings towards a group of people for one person’s mistake, how can you expect people to forgive you and not blame you or your ethnic group for mistakes that you and/or your ethnic group perpetuated?


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