Famous Freemasons: Michael Richards

Michael Richards

Michael Richards was initiated into Freemasonry on December 17, 1998, at the Riviera Lodge No. 780 in Pacific Palisades, California.

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2 thoughts on “Famous Freemasons: Michael Richards

  1. Freemasonry is the prime reason for the evil condition that this world is & has always been in. Humanists, are fatal to the very essence of life. No mortal man/woman should even entertain the thought of playing God & making God like choices regarding life, & everything in it, & how it functions, let alone implement it. (Just as these sick scientists/humanists/luciferians have been doing since the dawn of man). It all started in the Garden of Eden, and it hasn’t stopped. God, we need you more than ever!!! Our gift of intellect, or curse I should say has been used for evil means, & it has taken us to an utter disgust/toxic/vile way of life.

  2. To john
    Its to bad you have such a view of Freemasons. Erronious and misinformed as it is. Freemasons are required to believe in God; by what ever name they personally want to call him. So humanists or satanists would not be welcome. I encourage you to learn the facts before you rush to judgement; lest you be judged as harshlg by the Creator.
    As will all things made by man; nothing is perfect. No Freemason considers himself perfect and certainly not God or even God like. We are all trying to be the best men in the eyes of God as we can. Some of us make mistakes. It seems unlike you I believe in a forgiving God who knows the hearts of men and your hstred will not sit well with Him.


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