Elisha Cuthbert’s Cousin Kevin is Gonna Get Cut Soon

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Elisha Cuthbert Clockwork Orange

Elisha’s cousin Kevin the messiah complex man keeps stealing my roaches. Next time he comes to my chair I’m gonna cut him with my boxcutter on his right eye. Tell your mooch cousin to stay away from my neighborhood. Take his ass away from here before he gets hurt bad. I’ve lost all my patience with your mentally ill Japanese messiah cousin Kevin William James Cuthbert.

I’ve seen nothing messianic from your cousin. He can’t even make a joint appear without his nip swindling. Investing those hats in you was a waste of time. You’ve proven you are just a taker who will never give anything back. Same angels hat. Three names. But he needs them all. So frack yourself. Don’t come here unless you want to get cut or I call the cops. fracking piece of poop roach swindler. Why you testing me? You know I’m gonna cut you on my property and it will be self defence as you lay clutching your throat. All for a roach you didn’t own.

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20 thoughts on “Elisha Cuthbert’s Cousin Kevin is Gonna Get Cut Soon

  1. spill the beans kevin. i don’t want to hear no gargoyles from outer space poop. what do these templars want? R&R snake oil medicine? dr dick cockafeller’s plane wouldn’t take off eh? Take off eh? U canadian kevin? Kevin’s favorite canadian rapper is Kish. Kevin’s off 2 the motherland.

    I’m very aware at what motivates the degrassi mafia. nobody likes their toxic chemical spewing jet set broad planet shot down by david de rothschild’s tears

  2. the hats just prove kevin is a tool and not as hot as he thinks he is. it’s like having 3 eminems and not being able to choose one. blame kevin for destroying any baseball dreams this summer at clark park. popular mechanics crap 9/11 magazine.

    i saw popular mechanics popsicle sticks and white glue experiment. one squirt of hairspray can’t destroy popsicle stick tower. takes multiple sprays like vera with her zippo lighter. if kerosene could melt steel without oxygen feeding the fire like in the t birds metal ship furnace kerosene lanterns would melt in your hands. your bbq wouldn’t work. johnsonville bratts wouldn’t feed that standard american diet if gas could melt steel.

  3. your red bike is too wyld for kevin

    triumph the insult comic dr. lazar famine psychiatrist. kevin’s dad won’t even buy him a bike. my bro gave me that red mountain bike kevin.

  4. now kevin says i love u bilbo baggins

    no u don’t kevin i say u hate him so i win. no matter what telepathic BS u push my writing is on the wall 4ever with popular jew kick mechanics for kids

  5. now britney can see u


    yakuza took his castle britney. no honor among the thieves. but kevin says he has honor. he says michael hat is his. like orange theory britney videos friends

  6. lady jaye wants general hawk avatar not that punk falcon. let’s read about detergent conflict resolution and your shitty detergent commercial bozo:



    Working Paper 94-54 February 1994

    By Chris Knud-Hansen

    This paper was written in conjunction with the Fall 1993 Natural Resources and Environmental Policy Seminar of the University of Colorado Interdisciplinary Graduate Certificate Program in Environmental Policy. All ideas presented are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of the Consortium or the University. For more information, contact the Conflict Resolution Consortium, Campus Box 327, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado 80309-0327. Phone: (303) 492-1635, e-mail: crc@cubldr.colorado.edu.

    © 1994. Chris Knud-Hansen. Do not reprint without permission.


    In the mid 1960s, many of the nation’s rivers and lakes were rapidly turning green and choking with aquatic plant growth. A primary reason for these deleterious changes in water quality was the high levels of phosphorus, one of several major plant nutrients, found in domestic and municipal sewage effluents. The principal source of effluent phosphorus was from phosphates used in laundry detergents. This paper discusses the dispute and eventual resolution of the general issue of whether phosphates should be banned from detergents, a debate most fiercely fought between 1970-72. The paper first provides background material including the nature of soaps, the development of phosphate detergents, and the environmental effects of surplus phosphorus on aquatic environments. The major players are then described, highlighting their positions and interests. The dispute is presented more or less in chronological fashion, and the scientific community’s role in focussing the issues is documented. Finally, the aftermath of the dispute and current conditions are briefly discussed.


    once more nelly potatoe has eclipsed U. just like alanis morisette song about conflict resolution

  7. the only thing i want to talk about is crocodile rock with nelly furtado

    this is the only hood u r safe potatoe. safe from potatoe famine if ur angel investor to these porteous businesses. u want to hear krokodil rock at the sock hop with nelly furtado? it’s a story of romance at the end of the world. U don’t want to hear more nelly furtado catholic schoolgirl stories?

  8. july 7th 2017 should be the next 777


    777 stock market crash in 2009 is gonna repeat by that time. The big angel investor ryan gosling crash stars missed out on last time. gotta talk to bellic about passing around investor sticks dahl.

  9. all is forgiven if u bring me a peace smoke kevin. one cig understand? i watched beverly hills ninja so i know how your mind works. u r the great white ninja chris farley was in that movie. bow to big brother kevin u fatass white whale ninja. I predict kevin turns into a tub of poop on drugs and dies like SNL fatso chris farley.

    google beverly hills niinja now

  10. i apologize whole heartedly kevin. i am sorry for having offended thee. it was the heat of the moment bro. i would never cut u from team. i just need a hat. maybe king luis willl give me a hat for speakers. bird is the word right kevin? i love nelly. i’m not a stalker beverly hills ninja. if u listened to the music and watched the videos u know her husband is a porn addict. rev 11 addiction i am breaking to be monogamous. not polyamourous like farrah furtado book. amazon account. jukicjoe@gmail.com password christian3225. so u can erase it if u want just login as admin with pass. open source conspirazzzzzzzi understand snake eyes? or are you stormshadow?

  11. mary says u can come over if you want to. just don’t wake them up. porn is in mike’s bathroom but u aren’t allowed in. u can have menthol butts to calm your masculine urges bratzo

  12. kevin u r supposed to be like clint eastwood gran torino. when i see u say ,” Hi u subhuman slav” and i say 2u “hi slanty nip pearl harbor american killer. lisa ann won’t bang non americans kevin. if u can sneak in and watch lisa anne and joe the plumber.

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