Croatia Expects Miracles in the European Cup

Luka Modric

Bosnian phrase ‘češanj bijelog luka’. clove of garlic.

Dr. John Carter: How about those Bears? Dr. Luka Kovac: Sorry, I don’t watch American football. Dr. John Carter: Well. I think if they beef up their defense they’ll …

Bohemian Grove Owl

little owl

obični ćuk (Croatian / hrvatski)

Spider-Man saves the day in Times Square

New York 2010

The owl was the symbol for Minerva, the goddess of wisdom. The Enlightened … The Owl as found at the Bohemian Grove. The Owl was also …

Four Horsemen

Sinister Sites – St. John The Divine Cathedral

So, a landmark of NYC, the St. John the Divine Cathedral, predicts in …. include John D. Rockefeller II, the XIV Dalai Lama, Pope John XXIII, …

Mike Hat

Me and my brother Mike struggle over the birth rite of who is a better lawyer here in Babylon Dr. Luka. Why do you think these doctors never give garlic to their sick patients? You gotta go to the old baba’s to get cured from the flu. Vidis Krunoslav Jurcic? On ima zidovski kurv kao ja. Ja ucim zidovski zajebancije kuzis? Jewish spells like the borat goal against england. Trying to learn Chutzpah and Kibosh from the ashkenazis. Krunoslav is descended from Zeus/Zarah the jew who taught tribes in the balkans to read and write.

Archangel Michael

Jan 8, 2016 – A Dalmatian named Twenty donated to the New York Fire Department after the September 11 terror attacks has died.

Uvjijek Vjerni


I’m stuck here Croats. Alanis made the guardian angel song for the sick birds. Bird is from Sao Miguel Island. Angry birds want me to tell the truth. Read Psalm 116 and see if we are worthy to lift the cup. The Canadians want some East Van Pride. Someone ripped the misfortune poster off the Latin Market Window now that it’s out of business. Sick people want to live on my street because it has all the medicine. EU is taking away Croatia’s supplements and poisoning ljepa nasa with chemtrails for depopulation. Ivna Milanovic is the name of the Croatian Rose like the Prime Minister. YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT! an apple a day keeps the doctor away if you eat the seeds like a starry kurac.

Spring Water Plastic

5 Reasons You Should Stop Buying Plastic Water Bottles

See this poop? Plastic? It’s Sranje like Kanye. Dario Simic has to put the water in glass with bpa free lining. no plastic. I ain’t no fracking captain plastic like Hobie on Baywatch. the cap lining has to be bpa free 2.

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29 thoughts on “Croatia Expects Miracles in the European Cup

  1. Cardigans – You’re The Storm Lyrics | MetroLyrics
    I can hear your cannons call. You’ve been aiming at my land. Your hungry hammer is falling. And if you want me, I’m your country. I’m an angel bored like hell

    Oct 1, 2014 – Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder has released a cover of John … “Imagine” for the first time ever during a solo show in Portugal in July.

  2. A Knight’s Tale is a 2001 medieval adventure comedy-drama film written, produced, and directed by Brian Helgeland. The film stars Heath Ledger, Shannyn …


    Monday, February 12, 2001. “We are all Mirko Norac” … authorities to apprehend General Mirko Norac, who is also a duke in the traditional Alka Knights Society.

  3. Artist: Coldplay
    Album: Parachutes
    Released: 2000
    Awards: NME Award for Best Single
    Nominations: Grammy Award for Best Rock Song, more

    Me and Tom Cruise made parachutes out of garbage bags with the native indian kids who tried to steal my coleco vision war machine. pat and mike. We jumped off the st. joseph’s school wall with the parachute. I played this song for Nelly when we had napster on her forum. I couldn’t see her face without my glasses just her eyes. Like avatar. I see you

  4. Saints are an east van gang Nelly Furtado hung around with. Joe was supposed to go read her books in 1993 but the Portuguese mafia was on cocaine and he didn’t want to deal that poop to make the money to pay for the gasoline and ferry ride.


    If you see the movie W. He was hazed with beer to remember everyone’s names. The hair like “High Five” are about Frank Faria, Joe Tallarico, Nelson Botelho, Jean Franco Bitatante and Paulo Branco. That’s the high five with the mullet haircut. We used to smoke pot in a broken datsun 510 and travel into outer space with Jimi Hendrix ghost.

  5. One second of vanity and blindess cost the Turk the match Luka. You should cut your hair. Or repeat history in a decisive match. Gabriel Batistuta wouldn’t cut that poop when Daniel Paserella told them not 2 b such vain fags looking in the mirror all the time.

  6. Luka thinks he’s more handsome for the cameras with long hair.


    my mom keeps trying to feed me before i can take the picture of the christ body and make the girls cry. Gotta grow my hair like luka. alpha omega game luka. gotta show ugly kid joe and beautiful joe. bicep curls don’t get the girls anymore. only alpha to omega or omega to alpha impresses them. the tranceformation

  7. Everything you ever wanted to know about Dr. John Watson in The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, written by masters of this stuff just for you.


    Speidi back on Alex Jones Tv 2/2″Why 9/11 was an Inside Job …U want the truth Watson? U want that ultimate reality couple on your show saving the nation from civil war? Smelly Nelly and Joe Junkhead. Jelly? Brangelina? Tomcat? You gotta pray hard the way Madonna teaches.

  8. Have you eaten apple seeds, cherry pits, or apricot seeds? … Apricot Seeds Kill Cancer Cells without Side Effects (NaturalNews) Are apricot …

    Nelly Furtado, Justin Timberlake). [Timbaland] Is it going? … Seen you tryna switch it up but girl you ain’t that dope. I’m a Wonder Woman, let me go get my rope

    Civilization II is a turn-based strategy game developed by Microprose in 1996. … 23. Best ‘Wonder of the World’ in Civilization II Cure for Cancer …

  9. Tell Ronaldo about ethnic foods that are good for the joints. Not to fear the multicult foods. Vietnamese Pho broth with the ligaments you are what you eat.

  10. Yeah Joe. We were so impressed by Robert Deniro’s dramatic body transformation. Christian Bale took it to new extremes giving him a messiah complex from all the messiah roles hes plays.

  11. This is my avatar now Joe. How did you make me queen of europe and then regina mundi so quickly? it only took you 16 years. the british royals have been trying to make miss elizabeth regina mundi and queen of europe for thousands of years. this is their second elizabeth attempt at regina mundi. when she dies there will be no doubt. UN sec gen is the lackey of the princess of peace now. no more evil queen and her wars. its just a matter of time. euro 666 coin brexit was the best. the empress kiboshed those saxe gotha royals

  12. it took me almost 30 years. u were 2/10 at the square dance. we go to sock hop and in comes 10/10 and i wonder what happened to my partner. where she disappeared to. Y isn’t my partner dragging me off the fracking wall like the other girls did to their dance partners. What am i gonna do? Run game on this 10/10? Who the frack is she neves? U don’t know? Who is that coelho? you don’t know either eh? axl rose will tell me who this girl is

  13. it should be switched to monogamous boy even in his dreams. putting coconut oil on madonna’s arm was the big erotic dream that got u so upset. getting rid of poison sunscreen was so erotic to madonna in that dream. but you freaked out in the dream cuz she had an orgasm


    This is the new love tree paul alburqurque made. Tom Cruise had his initials on the old love tree but storm knocked it down. I put JJ + TS 1989. Just Jake + Tough poop 1989. next time wear your glasses joe

  14. wtf is this polyamory i see in my dreams farrah. i saw giant lips coming at me in dream state. then she’s kissing mendes cuz his album is so illuminating. U really think that kid can treat you better than i can? U think he is the supreme gentleman? what kind of money does mendes use? Gold fiat or silver? You know a gentleman by the money he uses

  15. Gold is the money of Kings. Silver is the money of gentleman and fiat is the money of slaves. JFK was a supreme gentleman wannabee. never got his silver backed currency off the ground after cheating on his wife.

  16. I didn’t call farrah ugly in 1993. I called her so so with the hand gesture to salazar brian nelly’s ex boyfriend still nursing his broken heart. nelly expects marriage after holding hands brian. i bet you didn’ t even get a kiss after all those long platonic conversations. She never told you she was sick. When you told me they were the two prettiest portuguese girls in the world i negged farrah and agreed about smelly nelly. It’s just game farrah. lets him know u r interested in the same girl. i never told anyone in highschool about her disease. She wanted to be loved but sister helen told everyone and it was a big pity party and the kids chimped out and bullied her. Wasn’t gonna repeat that poop in 1993. Just take my bugged biology class with jenny pacheco and learn to become doogie howser for this girl was the only thing on my reactive mind.

  17. who the frack made you furtado? How did you get elvis presley lip? only lisa marie presley has elvis lip. but not as much as you. elvis lip is iconic

  18. who made us ? Y r we the biggest sex symbols?


    everyone wants our magic flute. our radar love song at lion’s gate. ooh that smell song. sweet child o mine is ours too. that was fergie’s song. but she never met josh duhamel in her childhood. so blue eyes and childhood memories don’t work on that you’re so vain i bet this song is about u we do

  19. give me back my year book nelly. that was the patch adams private handjob yearbook i bet they gave you. the friends who knew you were sick and knew my biology score even after skipping every class with jenny pacheco. that yearbook is a slut. been passed around to all the girls. that big netanyahu w smirk i tried to do retake but student body kept smirk picture

  20. grad 93 wanted to make me class clown even though i was grad 94. if younger kid fabricio didn’t beat me up and get his revenge when i was drunk i would of had lame yearbook write up like everyone else. would of never went to JO for challenger disaster. challenger disaster was a bumper getting knocked off and my dad will never forgive me. I’m alive dad. In a real disaster we would be dead so let go of the stupid car. U rather see me dead or car dead? u love tv or do u love me? That’s what it comes down to. That’s what i comes down to with nelly too. Do you love your label? or do you love me? u gonna sign again and let the music suffer? farrah talks about taking action. How can we take action when u r in the labels cage? U can’t sing any anti war music. U can’t sing any thing conscious under the label. they control. they dumb it down. turning gold into wizard turds. cuz people love turd music where they don’t learn a thing

  21. torcida and no name boys decided portugal should win euro 2016 and croatia would win russia 2018. ronaldo is greedy. wants two cups. 2018 is 20 years after world cup swindle by the rothschilds french team. 18 is code for AH. adolf hitler. chop chops never fought in russia during wwii. they only sent prayer teams. the blue army of the masonic blue degrees

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