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    Dear Readers,
    The world is controlled by a single entity, you can call it Illuminati or Antichrist.
    Soviet Union and Eastern Block was staged so to divide the world into 2 sections that BOTH worked on improving a Military-Industrial Complex.As a “Create Problem-Offer Solution” pattern, they used the fear of Soviet Union to mobilize Western resources & personnel to create a huge EXTERNAL military power.
    When this was achieved(in mid seventies) now they needed another false enemy to create an INTERNAL military power ( police state, surveillance society, FEMA. etc.) in the West so the Soviet Union EXPIRY DATE is reached and it is dissolved and almost joins NATO. Now another block- a TERRORIST BLOCK in nature that fits the agenda of creating police state in West- takes its place. So almost simultaneously there is an Afghanistan invasion, Saddam rule over Iraq AND Iranian Islamic Revolution.These geographically connected countries become the playground of Arab/Palestinian terrorists who were basically created by British Intelligence in the beginning of 20th century; so by another “Problem-Solution” pattern the West must now be defended against them by creating a police state.
    Now guess when the EXPIRY DATE of this Terrorist Block will come? When this deadline is reached, the Iran occupation will start and after that all terrorism in Middle East will subside and eventually the road is paved for One World Government. Iran is nothing but a puppet and scarecrow of Illuminati.
    PLEASE WAKE UP! This is all staged and planned. Thank you for reading this comment.

  2. It is more than the scandals surrounding semenancy and professional football – it pervades every aspect of modern life.

    Consider just a single page from but one of the Illuminati Seminal Almanacs:

    The Illuminati are a secret society who control nearly all world civilization (control is total in North America, Western Europe, and Japan – incomplete but still decisive in the rest of the world). Though “Illuminati” is the term by which they have allowed themselves to be known since Weishaupt in the 18th century, they do not use that term themselves. They have existed for thousands of years and are the spiritual and political descendants of a secret caste of ancient Indo-European shamans. They use techniques originating with those ancient shamans as part of a system in which they manipulate society towards their own long term goals.

    The central “Illuminati” goal is to exert such decisive control over the planet that they can implement a program of global depopulation and return to a system of government based on the ancient Indo-European matriarchy and perverse pharmacologically-abetted sex magick involving depraved group sex rituals of a BDSM nature.

    Once they have achieved the above goal, the “Illuminati” will be able to rule the planet without artifice, but until that time, they have remained in the shadows while following a long term plan in which they reveal themselves gradually – allowing the public to become ever more aware of their existence over the past 300 years. This gradual revelation is a form of “teasing” the public psyche – a taunting of humanity. This taunting serves several practical purposes as it destabilizes a confused populace and also agitates individual humans in a way that makes them neurologically predisposed to accept “programming” through which their perceptions and actions are shaped. This programming was long accomplished through complicated reiterations of symbols and social rituals (songs, children’s games, etc) and was only effective to a degree. However in the last century, their technology has advanced to the point where the symbols are only used as part of the taunting process, whereas the actual control programming is accomplished through very advanced technology.

    This technology (decades in advance of what is known to the general public) permits the Illuminati to encode hidden signals in all forms of popular culture including music, video/film. and web pages. These signals are capable not merely of controlling subjects made vulnerable through pre-preparation, but are even able to completely replace the reality experienced by individuals. They can literally replace everything experienced by the human sensory system to the point where subject is unaware of his/her actual identity (including gender), location, and actions. A person reading this for example, who believes himself to be a 20 year old college student in Atlanta, may in fact be a 48 year old woman being used for sex rituals in an Illuminati gulag. For a simple understanding of the depth of what they have achieved the layperson may view the film “The Matrix”. While Illuminati reality replacement is far from universal, it is extremely common and becoming more common by the day.

    This extensive system of reality replacement and the much more common remote Monarch latah programming are used to turn unsuspecting people into literal puppets doing the depraved bidding of the Illuminati. They use Monarch puppets for tasks ranging from the mundane to the murderous to the perverse. The “elite” of the entertainment industry in particular are selected and promoted to their positions of fame based on their sexual desirability. These celebrities are used to “scene” or taunt the public through their blending of sexual provocation and symbol bombardment, but they are also on call as sex slaves for their masters – for whom these sex rituals are central to their belief system and the system they believe gives them power.

  3. Okay, I don’t know if you’re seriously ignorant, or doing this to be comical. But, concerning Willow Smith: how dare you disrespect a child like that? Shame on you.

    Ignorance is the plague of many Africans today, just as it was with Europeans yesterday; and this website is riddled with ignorance. How could you not know -as an Afrikan- that Baphomet alludes to Islam, not Freemasonry?
    I know. Simply, because some white man (who claimed to be a Mason) said so and you believed him. The liars are still your Masters. Guess what that makes you?

    Also, I guess everybody who throws up the peace sign (and every [NFL] Texans fan) has sold their souls to the devil.

    How ridiculous!?!
    Teach yourself before trying to teach others. Now that’s what’s real!!!

  4. No good work here, these are wannabes who are searching for recognition from the elites.
    W@ the f**k style up! You have no job to do? Then wait for me, I’ll receive you ‘red carpet’ in Hell.
    Am not illuminati or w@ you think, but trust me Satan is God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. If this is true I need to talk to Illumicorp’s Media Department, I am very interested in taking part.

  6. With regard to the article title, THE SECRET OF SATAN Nov. 21 2012 .
    I’ve got a question regarding Anna Kingsford and her illuminations. While she was experiencing these episodes what form did she take? And did she have a gender? To what degree was Anna self-aware in these episodes? Cheers.

  7. I am intrested in talking to illumicorp and they could help me become a better rapper or maybe famous so i would like to talk to them but if they are reading this i would like to talk with you illumicorp.

  8. J’aime le conspirationnaire sur toute condition
    et je veux y adherer comme l’est imposé

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