Alicia Keys Recants with Ryan Seacrest

In this interview, Alicia says she did not say the government created gangsta rap, or that the government killed Tupac and Biggie. She also explains the real meaning of the ak-47 pendant. She does a complete 180 from her Blender interview.

What the frack? How does Ryan Seacrest do it? I hear he does it in the butt!

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10 thoughts on “Alicia Keys Recants with Ryan Seacrest

  1. She’s ugly as sin. I don’t like she-boons. Especially the ones yappin on their cell phone workin 9 to 5 at Times Square Mcdonalds. 1 drop of black blood is to much.

  2. How can you say that you cracker devil? Her hair is straight. Her nose is thin. She must be 3/4 white. frack U honKKKey!

  3. Alicia Keys is hot. Very Jake worthy. Wish she would pose for Hef before time and gravity take their toll. Playboy is tasteful. The timeless art of seduction. Like that time Kramer took pictures of George Costanza.


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