Alexander Worship

Alexander De Large

Hi, hi, hi there my little droogies. I’m going to talk to you about leader worship.

Alexander was the greatest leader of all time. The tale of the Gordian Knot is one of the best known stories told about Alexander. The story recounts an episode that took place in 333 BCE during the campaigns of Alexander of Macedon against the Persian Empire. Alexander was advancing with his army across Anatolia and came to Gordion, probably because this was a natural stopping point on the road that led inland from the Aegean Coast towards Ankara (ancient Ancyra) and further east.

Jolie Alexander

While at Gordion, the Macedonian king learned about a special wagon that was situated in the Temple of Zeus. The pole of the wagon was tied to the wagon body with an intricate knot of cornel bark, and a prophecy had foretold that whoever could unfasten the knot would go on to rule over Asia (or even the whole settled world, in one version). Seized by a longing to test the prophecy, Alexander tried to unfasten the knot by unraveling it, but when he was unable to do so, he drew his sword and cut right through it. From this comes the proverbial expression “to cut the Gordian Knot”, meaning to cut right to the heart of a matter without wasting time on external details.


My name is Alex. Girls like me. I’m named after the great Macedonian leader Alexander. These girls they imitate me. It fulfills their rape fantasy. When I viddy a ptitsa i automatically rape her with my eyes. Ever since the government began experimenting on me though, my kurac has been soft. I think the minister put a microchip in my head. I shouldn’t have tested high on the standardized test in elementary skola.

Rihanna Alex

@rihanna Your pictures are not safe for work NSFW. No time for the old in and out love. I’ve just come to read the meter.


When I used to look at your guza in Maxim Magazine I used to feel real horrorshow. Now after they gave me all those vitamins at the Ludavico center I think I’m gonnna be sick.

Alex Tits

ahh, I think I’m going to be sick…i have to look away.

Adrienne Curry Clockwork Orange

This is the girl from America’s Top Model. Adrienne Curry.

Natalia Kills

This is the singer Natalia Kills. She’s very into Clockwork Orange. I’m sure she likes to watch the latest Tarantino ultra violence at the kino. I tried to watch Django Unchained but it made me sick to my stomach.

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